Celebrating 10 years of Profile

June 27, 2018

Celebrating 10 years of Profile

As Profile Magazine celebrates 10 years in business, the team reflects on the journey so far and shares what stories touched their hearts the most.
Ask any journalist why they chose the life of a scribe and they will tell you it’s a love of storytelling. Working for an uplifting lifestyle magazine, the Profile editorial team have the pleasure of sharing the stories of our remarkable local people as well as some big-name celebrities! Then there are the talented creatives who bring the stories to life on the page, our account managers who nurture our valuable clients and our delivery manager who ensures you receive your copy of Profile every month. It’s time to celebrate!

Ingrid Nelson

most inspiring story

Turia Pitt – July 2017

I have followed Turia Pitt’s incredible journey since that fateful day in September 2011, when the 24-year-old super fit athlete made headlines after being caught in a bushfire in Western Australia that left her clinging to life. Turia suffered severe burns to most of her body which required the amputation of several fingers and left her unrecognisable from her former self. Yet despite this horrific event, this incredible woman has managed to claw her way back to complete two Ironman World Championships, walk the Kokoda Track and become a humanitarian, author, public speaker and more recently Mum to a beautiful healthy boy. When I heard Turia was coming to the Sunshine Coast to launch her new book Unmasked, I jumped at the chance to listen to her speak to a captivated crowd at the Maroochy RSL and was very lucky to have the opportunity to interview her for our Powerful Women issue. Turia truly is testament to the strength of the human spirit and on days when I think I’m doing it a bit “tough”, I think of Turia and it puts everything into perspective quick smart. Sharing her story was certainly a career highlight and I continue to follow her achievements today.

favourite celebrity interview

Lisa Wilkinson  – July 2015

As a journalist, a woman and a mother, Lisa Wilkinson is someone I have always resonated with and looked up to throughout my career. Passionate about encouraging young girls to follow their dreams no matter what, she is a wonderful role model for the next generation of women in the media and a trail blazer throughout the Australian media landscape. I have had the opportunity to interview Lisa on two occasions, for the cover of Profile’s Women of Influence issue and in person at an intimate lunch here on the Sunshine Coast. Lisa was down to earth, a pleasure to interview and candid about the challenges she has faced throughout her life, including suffering incessant bullying throughout her school years. I will always remember receiving a personal phone call on my mobile from Lisa after her story was published in Profile thanking me for writing such a well researched piece. It was not only humbling but reaffirmed to me why Lisa has enjoyed such success throughout her career.

Favourite issue

June 2017  – The Modern Family Issue 

As a working mother of three children, the Modern Family issue of Profile was one of my absolute favourites. I’m always fascinated to learn about the dynamics of other family units, particularly in today’s world where the status quo has changed so much when it comes to what defines “family”. Gone are the days when the typical family unit consists of Mum, Dad and 2.5 kids; these days, they come in all shapes and sizes, there is no one-size-fits-all. The Modern Family issue of Profile allowed us to shine the spotlight on a diverse range of local families who were outside the box of what we considered traditional and it was an honour to tell their stories. Particularly close to my heart was the cover story, featuring inspiring Suncoast Christian College principal Greg Mattiske and his family. Greg opened up about the health challenges and adversity he and his family faced over the years and how he turned his life around to become the best father, husband and head of college he could be. His story really touched our readers, which was evident in the number of beautiful messages we received in response to his story. In this issue we also met a fly-in-fly-out family, a gorgeous couple who opened their hearts to two orphaned boys and we shared in the immeasurable joy of a couple who finally became parents through the generosity of embryo donation. It was a truly heartfelt issue and one I am very proud of. 

Nicole Fuge
Deputy Editor

favourite CELEBRITY interview

Matt Preston – June 2015

You see them on television, in their scripted and polished perfection, and it’s not very often you catch a glimpse into their real lives. That was what made my interview with MasterChef judge Matt Preston such a highlight. Chatting to him in transit from filming the show to his home, Matt was honest and candid, peppering his responses with the eloquence of a practised writer and afforded me the luxury of genuine banter about our shared love of food. Matt even stayed on the line while he walked through the front door of his home, describing to me the delicious aroma of stock simmering in the kitchen – providing an inviting perspective into his world that is unequivocally delicious. As if anything could top our interview, once the feature was published, I shared it on my Instagram page to which he promptly replied, “Glad you could cast a silk story out of my hessian words!” He truly is a master of his craft, and someone I aspire to.

Favourite issue

April 2017 – The Delicious Issue

Being Gourmet Editor of Profile Magazine, it’s no surprise that my favourite issue is food-related. As someone who truly appreciates a good cup of coffee, it was a real treat interviewing our cover star of the Delicious issue, Tim Adams of Tim Adams Specialty Coffee, about the process from ‘crop to cup’. From learning about the relationships built with the farmers, the intricacies of roasting the beans to create different flavour profiles and of course how baristas achieve the perfect cup. In this issue, we also introduced you to other talented chefs, producers and artisans who are behind some of our most delicious products – wine, pastries, chocolate, five-star cuisine and gelato. It was a tough job putting this issue together, but someone had to do it!

most inspiring story

Sarah Fitzpatrick – April 2018

Every so often you meet a person who stays with you, changes your perspective and challenges the way you think. That person was Sarah Fitzpatrick from Compass Institute. Throughout the process of interviewing Sarah and her family, meeting with her to try on clothes for our photo shoot, shooting the cover at the studio and then seeing her reaction to being on the cover of a magazine, it reaffirmed my reason for wanting to be a journalist in the first place – finding these unassuming gems within our community, hearing their stories and being trusted to share it with our readers. What I discovered throughout the course of writing this feature is that Down Syndrome is often misconstrued as a hindrance; I believe it allows people such as Sarah to have a more minimalist outlook on life, discarding the insecurities and uncertainties that often weigh us down and hold us back – instead she sees every moment as a treasure and exudes a self-love we should all be jealous of. 

Caitlyn Spanner

favourite celebrity interview

Professor Jimmy Choo – November 2017

If you told bright-eyed and bushy-tailed 19-year-old me at the beginning of my fashion degree several years ago that I would one day interview Professor Jimmy Choo, I would have laughed in your face. I never thought I’d be afforded the opportunity to interview someone with a world renowned haute couture background, let alone spend the evening with them as they unveiled a new line of shoes. But sometimes in this job, you hit the jackpot and get to talk to some of the finest minds on the planet. Professor Choo not only had a lot to say about design and the importance of craftsmanship, he also had plenty of life advice and philosophical insight that he says can only be attributed to an ‘old Chinaman’. And yes, he is as funny as he is sharp!

Favourite issue

November 2017 – The Gourmet Issue

My writing niche historically lies in the areas of fashion and lifestyle, so it might come as a surprise that the Gourmet issue is my favourite Profile. The love for this edition not only developed a foodie obsession within me, but also fed my journalistic appetite thanks to the plethora of stories I covered. From food technology, to family businesses, a chat with all-class journalist Melissa Russell, a story on Australia’s best tea growers, to a conversation with Professor Jimmy Choo himself, there were so many interesting stories that I was given the privilege to share. I do what I do because I love telling people’s stories, so to be able to tell so many across several topics was an honour. 

most inspiring story

Angie Mansey – December/January 2018

While writing about high profile celebrities is something all journalists love to do, there are also those golden moments where you meet someone who inspires you to do better. Angie Mansey is a local business owner who uses her position to give back to charity and her tight knit community of car-lovers. Life has hit her with some pretty hard knocks, but Angie continues to give without hesitation and recently held a sensational charity event that raised $12,225. Angie not only nails it as a hard working businesswoman and philanthropist, she’s also a mother of four beautiful boys. One of her sons suffers from life-threatening illnesses that she tends to on a daily basis. She proved to me that we can all achieve greatness if we just roll up our sleeves and have our priorities in the right place. 

The Profile team
shares which issue of the magazine has been their favourite

Tara Williams – Art Director

My favourite issue would have to be the Local Legends issue in April this year. The cover and whole magazine is so colourful and the stories are amazing too. I had so much fun making such a bright and fun background for our beautiful cover star. The cover shoot was so much fun and Sarah is such an amazing person.

Ellen Parker – Senior Graphic Designer

The Education issue in March this year is my favourite so far. I was a teacher for intellectually gifted children back home in the USA,  so it really resonated with me. I also found meeting the educators from the Sunshine Coast inspiring and I love the passion and methods used to reach kids on different levels. 

Lee McCarthy – Account Manager 

Alvia Turney’s words really resonate with me, which is why I have chosen the December 2017/January 2018 Healthy, Wealthy and Wise issue as my favourite. Alvia and the team at Act4Tomorrow help you through the extremely difficult process of divorce and separation and I wish I had met the team earlier. I also love so many of the features and stories in this issue, including the foodie stories.

Vicky Sheridan – Account Manager 

One specific feature I thoroughly enjoy reading each month is our Leading Ladies article. I particularly loved the story on Catherine Molloy in the March 2018, Education issue. I thought to myself, ‘This woman thinks like me or maybe it was I think like her’, either way, since that issue, this is the page I flick to first because without fail, whoever the Leading Lady of the month is, there is always something I can take away from it – be it an idea, an action or just a confirmation of how I work. 

Joey Fabrizio – Distribution Manager 

My favourite issue is April 2018, Local Legends because of the beautiful cover and inspiring stories throughout. 

Cover image: Joey fabrizio, ellen parker, lee mccarthy, caitlyn spanner, ingrid nelson, vicky sheridan, nicole fuge and tara williams. Hair by Uptown Hair Studio and make-up by Melina Dee makeup artistry, accessories from Colette by Colette Hayman at Sunshine Plaza.


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