01 PLANNING AHEAD Don’t fret, there is still plenty of time before the holiday, so preparing yourself with to-do lists and writing down everything you need to do is a great idea! Make sure when writing it down, to include everything like the wrapping of presents, drinks, foods, decorations, and invites. When that is finished, it’s ideal to write out your grocery list too for every piece of food, drink, cutlery – everything you will need for the day. Buying ahead of time will make the days leading up to Christmas that little bit smoother, just leaving the fresh produce until the day before. 02 DRESS FOR THE OCCASION No one at the table should appear without a Christmas shirt, santa hat, or even a pair of reindeer antlers. It’s the holidays, so you should be dressing festive with red and green clothing or jewellery with bells on. Get the kids involved with a gift in their stocking like a Christmas shirt or a pair of earrings that light up or jingle. Christmas Survival Guide 03 CULINARY DUTIES Does the thought of preparing the whole lunch or dinner leave you in a cold sweat? You are definitely not alone. The pressure of entertaining for the family or even friends over the holidays can be a stressful situation for many. If you have guests coming over for lunch or dinner, you could suggest they bring a plate of something to help out. You could also delegate some tasks in the kitchen to family members to ensure you are running on schedule and everything is cooked properly. 04 FINDING THE PERFECT GIFT Picking the perfect gift for your loved ones can be one of the biggest stresses at Christmas time. To help choose the perfect gift for them, start early by listening for any hints they may give as to what they are interested in. Want to add a personal touch? Then DIY Christmas gifts are the way to go. The most important thing to remember is not to leave it to the last minute and to spend time thinking about what your recipient may like. 05 KEEPING IT SIMPLE By keeping your meals simple and fast, it takes the pressure off you. Your guests aren’t going to care if it took you two days to cook something, they just want something that tastes good. So there is no harm in running down to the shop to buy the salads, fruit for breaky or even a turkey roulade from your local butcher. There are heaps of options to make sure you are not spending the entire day in the kitchen.]]>