Coming of Aje.

April 1, 2019

Coming of Aje.

Celebrating female empowerment, Australian fashion label, AJE, owned the runway at Melbourne Fashion Week, seeing 90s silhouettes reborn in a new iteration. Co-Founder of the brand, Edwina Forest, shares what it was like growing up on the Sunshine Coast, the power of dressing, and the reflection of the #metoo movement on fashion.

By chance, in Brisbane, a tall Norwegian looking man stopped for directions in a clothing store in which Edwina Forest happened to be in at the time. As fate would have it, they met again that night.


“He walked in and asked for directions and I thought he was a Norwegian tourist because of his super cool sense of style, which didn’t exist in Brisbane at the time… in a serendipitous turn of events, we met again that evening at a mutual friend’s birthday. Indeed, he wasn’t Norwegian, just unique!” laughs Edwina. “We have been the best of friends ever since.”

Adrian Norris and Edwina both say they were fortunate enough to grow up on the Sunshine Coast, with endless summer days and picturesque views. It’s hard to believe they left.

“Living there is like being on holiday all year round. We were so spoilt by the divine weather and the friendliness of everyone around us. Adrian and I are extremely proud of our heritage and upbringing in Queensland and it shapes much of our design inspiration,” she says.


But as they developed their brand, founded in 2007, the duo made the decision to move to Sydney where their label prospers. However, they maintain, and it’s very evident, the designs and styles of Aje are heavily inspired by their coastal roots.

“Sydney is such a source of culture, which is so important to the brand, so it made sense to make the move. Being so heavily inspired by our surrounds and the duality of the urban and coastal landscapes, we are frequently drawn to cross over between the two. So we make regular visits back to the coast – both for inspiration and grounding.”

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