Amanda Shadforth of Oracle Fox is the Sunshine Coast’s queen of luxury. After a whirlwind seven years working in the fashion industry as a creative director, photographer and stylist, Amanda has returned to her contemporary art roots.  She works with some of the most prestigious luxury brands in the world, she’s an expert with a camera, she frequents fashion weeks across the globe, and her online presence is one of the most recognisable in the fashion and creative industries. Amanda Shadforth of Oracle Fox is the epitome of Sunshine Coast creativity and luxury.  Amanda grew up behind a cane farm in Bli Bli and described herself as an outdoors kid. Although she says she was, “Born with a desire to follow creative pursuits”, she was concerned she wouldn’t make a living as an artist straight out of school. Amanda took on an apprenticeship as a sign-writer and for several years had her own business as a chalkboard artist both on the Coast and throughout South-east Queensland. But she couldn’t ignore the voice in her head that insisted she pursue something more creative.

“I was born with a desire to follow creative pursuits.”
“In my spare time I painted large artworks in oils and one day I entered my work in an art show and won, this was the beginning of my fine art career.” Oracle Fox began seven years ago when the innately creative Amanda found herself becoming detached from the artistic community while working as a contemporary artist in her Cotton Tree gallery.  “I really enjoyed painting from that space, although sometimes I felt a little isolated working on my own and needed a medium to connect with other like-minded creatives,” she says. She began creating and sharing content on her own digital inspiration platform,, which quickly gained followers from all around the world. Within a year the platform was nominated for an award and was catching the eye of big global brands. “From there things just got busier and busier until I realised that it had become a full time job,” she says. Fast forward to 2018 and Oracle Fox has over one million global followers on social media, and has gone from strength to strength thanks to her keen eye and limitless creative potential.  This unique talent has afforded her to work with high end brands such as Prada and Versace (to name a few) as a creative director, photographer and stylist for huge global campaigns.   “I often pinch myself when I’m on location and behind the camera creating content for the kind of brands that I never could have dreamed I would be working for,” she says. And while the digital space has provided her with a vast and enviable career over the last seven years, 2018 has seen Amanda return to her contemporary art background with a range of prints and merchandise featuring her distinct artworks.  “Throughout the last seven years working in the fashion industry I had so many colleagues and loyal followers of Oracle Fox inquire about my work as an artist. Finally after putting some time aside and creating a business plan, we were able to launch the art prints and t-shirts as OF By Amanda Shadforth. The entire ethos behind the brand was to present to our audience, and obviously anyone who loves art or fashion, with the luxury of a wearable art piece. Or a piece of art to adorn their favourite space,” Amanda explains.  The final product is a fashion and art lover’s dream – 10 stunning abstract art prints celebrating the female form and four organic cotton t-shirts printed with Amanda’s artworks or OF branding. Focusing on ethical practices, small quantities and local products, the collection has a sustainable and luxurious ethos. Amanda says the return to the contemporary art space feels like a natural progression and she’s excited to be integrating her art into her digitally-driven fashion career.  As someone who’s had to adapt to the ever-changing landscape of the digital world throughout her career, Amanda doesn’t shy away from a challenge or big changes. But one thing that hasn’t changed over time is her love for her home here on the Sunshine Coast.  “My friends and family are based on the Sunshine Coast and a lot of my inspiration comes from the environment in which I’m surrounded,” she says.  And while she’s been tempted to live overseas at times, she knows how lucky she is to be based here.  “Considering that I mostly work in the digital space, I feel as though I can quite successfully run my business from here with it only having a positive impact on how both my staff and I feel about the fast pace of the fashion industry. That feeling of coming home to a sanctuary where we can let our creativity flow has become immeasurable.”  ]]>