Dreamers are often referred to as romantic, impractical people but I call them beautiful human beings because dreamers change the world.


GUEST EDITOR Kerrie Friend


A dreamer feels a burning in their heart and reaches beyond their comfort zone to believe what may seem impossible to everyone else and make it possible. I’m not talking about wishers they only talk I’m talking about dreamers, the ones that do!

A dreamer accepts that failure is a part of the process to a dream fulfilled and while sometimes incredibly slow continues to see the dream in their heart and never let’s go. Dreamers have purpose, passion, perseverance and tenacity.

Is it time you got your dream going again? Have you let go of yours? That still small voice within you urging you on towards your dream is there for a reason. Reignite it. 


Waiting for your dream to fall into your lap never happens, that’s a wish. Dreams require effort and work. You’ll need determination (the act of making or arriving at a decision, being resolute or firm in purpose). Be decisive about your dreams and plans, set mini-goals along the way to fulfilment.

Trust what’s in your heart and go for it. Expect the best and enjoy the journey towards your dream. And don’t be fooled that if it gets too hard it’s not right. Sometimes we’ve got to learn something that’s imperative for our future success. Don’t try and understand everything about your trial because later on it more than likely will make sense.

Most people living their dream will tell you they put their plan into action but things happened very differently from how they first set out. Yet when they look back they realize it was for the best. 


All dreams require action, listen to your heart and don’t quit. Believe in yourself and your dream but don’t think just because you have a dream everyone else will support it. Unfortunately, some of our biggest deserters can be our family and friends.

Most successful people I know are so thankful they listened to their heart and not the opinion of others. Our dreams will always be tested for authenticity but if we know that we know that we know what our dream is nothing or no one will deter us. 


Here are some helpful tips to keep your dreams going.

  • Take time to write them out with specific time frames for achievement.
  • Include mini-goals, keep your home clean, keep a to-do list that assists your dream (daily/ weekly/ monthly/yearly).
  • Write a budget to support your dream, exercise, and reward your victories along the way.
  • Keep a smile on your face; don’t forsake still living your life while you chase your dream and finally encourage others dreams along the way to fulfilling yours.
  • Helping others always helps our soul prosper.
  • Your dream matters, not just to you but to the world.

God bless



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Kerrie is a successful Australian television presenter (Perfect Match, Wheel of Fortune), Author, Media Personality, Brand Ambassador (Stefan, Fernwood Fitness), Actor, Writer and Blogger (Travel/Beauty/Inspiration) who has appeared in many television and theatre productions, commercials/infomercials in Australia and in the USA. 

Kerrie is now an Imagepreneur with her brand “Image” to help women become all they were intended to be by taking care of their image (spirit, soul and body) from the inside out. Kerrie has authored three books “Image: 52 Weeks to a New You”, “Image: 365 Daily Devotional”, her latest release “Image: The 7 Pillars” and she is currently finishing her fourth “The Heart of Image”. Kerrie also has a very successful blog on her website www.KerrieFriend.com featuring products, places and people that enhance our image. She has written and had published (magazines and newspapers) globally over 300 self-help articles and has her own weekly, inspirational column “Image” in the “Noosa News” in her beloved home, Noosa for three years. She is also their Celebrity Reporter and interviews celebrities who visit Noosa. 

After 25 years of living in LA Kerrie and her American husband, Kenn are thrilled to be living in Australia and she is dedicated to inspiring women to create an image they love without comparing themselves to others especially with the advent of social media. Alongside her TV Producer husband Kenn Copenhaver (Copenhaver Productions) they are producing with Kerrie hosting a web/tv series “Image” based on her popular books/articles/blogs and is soon to launch her podcast.

Currently, Kerrie is adding an “Image” store to her website where she is selling “Image” (fashion, accessories, homewares, journals etc) items. This is an exciting new phase of her brand and she is delighted with its development. Kerrie has evolved since her early days on Australian television into a woman who desires to help women everywhere create an image they love and become all they were intended to be spirit, soul and body.