Profile, Genine Howard, shares her five simple steps to doing ‘gentle business’. In the past few years while on hiatus from Profile Magazine, I have consciously created a business that works around my life’s desires – time with my children and husband, flexible working hours, location-independent global business, plenty of travel experiences and clear boundaries between my work and my personal life. Coming back to ‘magazine land’, many have given me the usual line, ‘Oh you must be so busy now’, but nothing could be further from the truth. But all of this could not have happened if I didn’t employ some key strategies based on the principles of ‘Feminine Business’. Now guys before you stop reading, note that ‘feminine’ isn’t necessarily for women. It’s a way of being, a way of doing and a way of thinking. Let me explain: In my coaching and marketing agency, Iconic Empires, we teach our clients to follow the five principles of doing business in a feminine way. This gentle way of doing business is something I have been perfecting over the years and am introducing this style to my own business and team here at Profile.


One of the biggest shifts I made in my career, was made from one of the biggest lifestyle changes – having a child. As other parents will know, having children changes your world in multiple ways and it’s not just about the sleepless nights. For me, having children meant all my priorities changed. Working nights and weekends were literally out of the question. My family needed me first and foremost, and hence I had to readjust the way I worked. I have become extremely efficient in my use of time and energy, and teach my clients and staff to do the same.


We are all human and therefore we tend to work best in energetic blocks. What I mean by this is compartmentalising days of the week and also hours of the day to where you work. It’s about being 100 per cent in anything you do. For example, I am a morning person. I am perhaps at my best in the hours between 5am and 1pm so I tend to work to those hours and ‘smash out’ as much work as I possibly can, as early as I can. That is when my energy and mental capacity is high. I also work in different energetic days. Mondays are for planning out the week, meeting with the team and marketing. Tuesdays and Thursday I focus on serving clients. Wednesdays are a pick up the pieces day and Fridays, well Fridays are MY day. It’s the day of the week where I might book in a massage, hair treatment, catch up with a girlfriend, or sometimes catch up on some work. It’s my day to do as I please. By working to your energy you will find you never feel short on time, or fall into the ‘busy trap’.


One of the greatest joys I have is feeling like I have control over my time. So to do this, the first thing I did with our Profile team is to take them virtual. Each staff member gets to work from home. This gives them a greater sense of freedom, cuts down on anxiety and stress from having to be somewhere ‘on time’ and gives some of my staff about two hours of their life back a day from not commuting! Having the choice and freedom to work in your pyjamas if you choose or working from a remote location (I’ll be writing next months Editor’s Say poolside from Bali) means that myself and the team get to work AND play. This means a happier team, more love, more fun and more freedom.


Automation is such a saviour these days – I have built my coaching practice on automation so that it runs even when I am sleeping. Clients can book in my calendar, people can buy my programs, even my payments are mostly automated. We are looking to help our Profile clients create this type of automation in their businesses too, so they can focus on where their efforts are best spent!


And speaking of such, finding what your genius zone gifts are, is one of the best things you can do – for yourself and your staff. Too often people are given tasks that are simply not in their nature and hence that leads to a decrease in productivity and moral. For me, I know where my strengths best lie, so I delegate out anything that doesn’t fit in that zone. I am then supported by an incredible team that pick up those areas far better than I would be able to do. If I could recommend anything to a business owner, it’s to analyse your own genius zone tasks and then pass on anything that doesn’t fit. You’ll feel more productive, more joy in what you do and get back to having the impact of why you started your business in the first place. Again, it’s all about allowing more of a feminine flow into your business. So are you ready to embrace ‘Gentle Business’? If you would love to know how to apply this into your business and team, touch base with myself or the team for a complimentary initial consult – it’s my genius zone to show you how! With love and Grace,       BOOK A COMPLIMENTARY BUSINESS STRATEGY SESSION GENINEHOWARD.COM
Genine’s top 10 tips for feminine business
  1. Start with your values and never compromise them.
  2. Work with your energy flow; listen to your body.
  3. Do three income-producing activities before 11am everyday.
  4. Pre-book all holidays and downtime before setting business appointments.
  5. Be 100 per cent present in all you do, including time with family.
  6. Implement a morning routine that is all about you (meditate, journal, exercise).
  7. Prepare your day on what you want to achieve and feel rather than a ‘to-do’ list.
  8. Don’t work reactively to other people’s agendas or time frames.
  9. Add in 15 minutes of space into your day to ground and recentre yourself.
  10. Chunk down your day into achievable tasks and timeframes.