Ryan Hollis is armed with a wealth of experience in making businesses sustainable and is using that unique skill to give back to his community. For the first half of his career, Ryan Hollis of everfocusgained experience in almost every area of the leading global resources company, BHP. When the opportunity to leave the company presented itself, Ryan and his wife decided to move back to the Sunshine Coast to start everfocus.

“I’m really passionate about giving back to the community,” says Ryan. “In the first half of my career I was really fortunate to get a lot of development opportunities. So now I want to focus the second part on giving back. My wife grew up in Maleny and we love the Sunshine Coast. We’re super passionate about seeing our community be more sustainable,” he says.
Ryan is not only experienced in all aspects of sustainability, he’s also extremely passionate about protecting people, the environment, and creating strong, healthy communities. He started everfocusover a year ago to help small to medium sized businesses become more sustainable. He does this through leadership coaching, strategic planning, advisory boards, risk management, systems design, investigation and auditing, and looks at a businesses challenges and how they relate to sustainability. “The challenges could be things like energy consumption, waste, health and safety issues, or engagement with the community,” he says. “It’s about finding where their challenges are and understand what the barriers and problems are, and how we can fix them and create value in that space, so that the company can get the return on their investment, but also help other stakeholders interacting withthe business. “Quite often people are acutely aware of what those issues are, but they’re not quite sure how they can be solved with solutions that are sustainable and that’s where my knowledge comes in.” Ryan believes that if you don’t have a sustainable business you may not realise your full potential. He says that societal expectations have changed and climate change is driving communities to be more robust.
“Whatever you do to be more sustainable within your business will add long termvalue,” he says.
With a deep passion for people, the planet and giving back, Ryan Hollis is helping the Sunshine Coast become more sustainable.

Ryan Hollis everFOCUS founder and director info@everfocus.com.au everfocus.com.au