Are you struggling to fall pregnant, new to the fertility arena, not sure if you should consider other options or maybe just need some alternate therapies to help you through your fertility treatments?

The Sunshine Coast Fertility Expo will cover all things fertility, in a comfortable and nurturing space. You will have opportunities to listen to expert guest speakers and chat with businesses from the fertility field.

Just some of the topics our expert “guest speakers” will be sharing with you:

– Local Fertility Clinic will discuss most recent advances in fertility treatments plus egg and sperm donor processes

– Well renowned “The Baby Whisperer” will share her knowledge on Chinese herbs and acupuncture

– Local Chiropractor will talk about how correcting body alignment can help your fertility

– Perinatal Child & Family Psychologist will be presenting on emotional wellbeing through your fertility journey, grief following unsuccessful IVF cycles along with fears and anxiety related to being pregnant following fertility difficulties and miscarriages

– Local mum, Kellie Harriden, will share some of her emotional journey to motherhood and her ‘why” to sharing her story in her book, Long-Awaited Child.

You will be able to have a one on one chat with the guest speakers at their business tables along with the below businesses who will be showcasing at the expo:

– A Sunshine Coast Law Firm will be covering surrogacy and donor contracts
– Various companies in the health, nutrition and wellness areas
– A local fertility yoga studio will be available to talk about their passion with supporting women to find a deeper connection with themselves, to allow time to relax and find peace within.
– A local Doula to help you prepare for your birthing options
– Plus, much, much more.

The Sunshine Coast Fertility Expo is being run by Kellie Harriden, a Sunshine Coast mum to gorgeous boy and girl twins, and author of Long-Awaited Child.. Kellie and her partner, Ian, spent eight long years trying for a family. During this very emotional time they tried every option from IVF to researching foster care, adoption, international surrogacy and donor options before they were finally blessed with their twins. Kellie has since written about her journey in the heartfelt book, Long-Awaited Child., with the 2nd Edition due out late October.

Kellie says she found the years she was struggling with her own infertility a very lonely time and so by sharing her story she hopes to comfort those who may be feeling alone and isolated in their own journey. Plus, she has known couples who have given up after IVF has not been successful for them. For Kellie and Ian if they had done this, they would not have their twins, Bane and Daya. So often others may feel every other option is too hard or too expensive, when really at times, Kellie found the path they chose easier than going through all the appointments, injections and emotional turmoil of IVF.

Kellie says, back when she was going through fertility treatments and considering what she should do next, the idea of an event where she could find out more information and options all in the one space would have been a blessing. Plus, to have the feeling of being around others who understand the emotional rollercoaster would have been a comforting thought and made the journey not so lonesome.

It is said, “Sometimes we find comfort in knowing we are not alone.”

You can read more about Kellie’s journey, the release of her new book and purchase expo tickets on her website:

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