It’s exciting for me as a chef, because the food I’m cooking I’ve seen it from inception to conception.” “I was a boilermaker in a past life, I used to build trains for the Sydney network and then I travelled around the world for two or three years and realised if I wanted to keep doing that I’d need to find a job where I can and cooking was what I decided to do. “We were in London and went to Leeds in Yorkshire and Bath, and then we travelled through Spain, Italy, Portugal, living that lifestyle and being influenced by food culture. That’s why Hungry Feel is what it is, it’s trying to be true to the origins of the food of the world and using seasonal local produce.” Chris is also passionate about educating the Sunshine Coast community about the abundance of produce right on our doorstep, and a key player in this movement is the Food and Agribusiness Network (FAN), which has spent the past year showcasing our region as a  food and agribusiness mecca. “There are a lot of producers and artisans out there and it’s a way to get together and put our products out there so we can grow.”]]>