Imagine what it would be like to host a teen party that everyone remembers for years to come.

Everyone, every your parents, remember with nostalgia those parties where they felt the first blush of love. Or those events wherein they came out of their shell by impressing friends with their incredible stories, bowling moves, and fearless fights.

At this point, you realise that as a party host, you have that rare opportunity to create beautiful memories.

The only problem? You have no experience in party hosting.

You’re in luck. This article will help you decide among six “teen party venues” that are guaranteed to excite your friends.

Good news: there is more to this game than throwing a ball. Bowling alleys are gaining popularity as teen party venues for groups.

For a minimum of eight guests, they will assist you with sending out invitations, delicious snacks, music, and a surprise gift for the birthday teen.

But wait – there’s more. A dedicated party host completes the party.

Laser tag
Remember the movie “Tag?” If your friends have a competitive streak, they will enjoy laser tag.
There’s nothing like a mission to bring people together.

Some popular tag games are:

  • Capture the flag – players steal their opponents’ flag and take it back to their base to score points
  • Elimination matches – players are eliminated when tagged for a certain number of times.
  • Protect the VIP – a team protects their VIP while their opponents try their best to eliminate the VIP within the time limit.

You can search for more laser tag games on the internet. Or be imaginative by creating your own game rules.

Good for you, there are teen party venues that supply battle vests, phaser gears, Rambo-style sweatbands, and combat boots.

For an exhilarating party activity, try go-karting.

Venues provide private rooms and medallions for 1st , 2nd , and 3rd places. They assure teen safety by harnessing seat belts and neck braces. Track marshals will be around to assist first-timers.

If this is too much excitement for the group, try the next one.

Virtual reality
Your party can choose from among many VR games to play at home. Try out “No Man’s Sky” or the addictive “Superhot VR.”

But let me take a wild guess, you would rather have a party elsewhere. Why not visit a VR reality arcade where they have the latest advanced headsets? Groups can pit against each other, and losers pay.

What’s more, these teen party venues provide food, drinks, and cake. Just book online.

Escape room
If you have a group of “Nancy Drew” followers, why not try escape rooms? Solve puzzles by putting together clues.

It is an exciting way of spending an hour or two – finding ways to “escape.” Everyone will be surprised at how their primal instincts come alive in these games.

Indoor skydiving
Try searching for indoor skydiving centres in your city. Have a headstart on the birthday celebration by enjoying the rush and excitement of skydiving.

It’s perfectly safe – a wind tunnel will blast a strong current of air, pushing you and your friends up in the air. Free falling is also a unique experience.

With all these teen party venues, friends will remember your parties with fondness.

Want to know the best part? You made it happen. It just takes a little resourcefulness and planning to host memorable parties.