Profile, Genine Howard, is back in the driver’s seat and sparking a whole new era for our most-loved Sunshine Coast magazine. I recall when I first had the idea for Profile Magazine back in 2007. I was sitting with my husband over lunch at Yabbie’s in Cotton Tree. We had only lived on the Sunshine Coast for a few months and already I could feel how special this place was, how special the people were, and how the entrepreneurial spirit ran through the region like a river of boldness and greatness.  I would often say, ‘There must be something in the water here’, as I had never felt such a hub of collective entrepreneurialism and business acumen. Women like Amber Werchon, Chris Cameron, Vicki Clark, Sue Willis, Kim Morrison and Cyndi O’Meara were making leaps and bounds in their respective industries.  I was blown away by them, and the many other men and women who had carved out these careers and change-making businesses right here on the Sunny Coast. An idea had been brewing with me for some time, and I couldn’t shake it. It was time to take the leap and honour my vision. It was time to create a legacy for myself and for the people of the Sunshine Coast; it was time for Profile to be created. So it was that sunny day down at Yabbie’s that I told my husband that I was going to do it. I was going to start a brand new magazine on the Sunshine Coast to profile these incredible locals. The aim of the magazine was to inspire others in the area to be bold like these women and men, to take risks, to live out their best life, and to contribute to the local economy and society.  In short, I was going to create a legacy magazine the Sunshine Coast could be proud of. So with little capital but a determined heart and five years of media background under my belt, I not only created the brand Profile but sold every ad, wrote most of the magazine and even took some of the photos. Three short months later, with the help of an army of friends (and their children) Profile Magazines were placed in every coffee shop, doctor surgery, hair salon, shopping centre and local hubspot across the entire Sunshine Coast.  I was told I wouldn’t make it to issue three. I was told that I had to put men on the cover. I was told a women’s magazine wouldn’t be supported here. I was told no one would advertise. I was told I wasn’t known enough, I wasn’t a ‘local’. But I proved them wrong.  Not only did Profile work, by our third issue we took another leap and went from bi-monthly to monthly. By issue four we were beginning to be a household name. By issue six I won Sunshine Coast Small/Micro Business Woman of the Year. And here we are today, more than 10 years later, and 119 issues. Here we are with Profile Magazine’s legacy. My legacy. So for those of you who may be slightly confused: yes, I am the founder of Profile Magazine. And yes, I am once again, the new owner. And I have the incredibly talented Chris Childs, and my former and newer Profile team to thank for ‘holding the baby’ for the past several years while I literally held my own babies – Jack, now 6 and Frankie, now 4. Once I had my first baby in 2013, my husband Rowan and I decided the magazine game was a little too constrictive (aka stressful!) for the lifestyle we desired. In fact, it was Rowan’s time to seek out his heart’s desires, and with that we passed the magazine to Chris, who I knew, being our best advertiser, would love it like I did.  And we headed off to Melbourne for him to pursue his acting career. While he was treading the boards of the most famed theatre stages in Melbourne and appearing in many of Australia’s most-loved TV shows, I kept busy with building a business-coaching practice for women.  But the magazine bug kept nibbling at me, so-much-so that I successfully created and sold an Australia-wide digital magazine, plus revamped a global newsstand publication, Little One, which I then sold to my loyal sub editor from Profile days – another inspiring Sunny Coast local – Jessica Jane Sammut. Several years later, and as a family of four, we made a conscious decision to move back to the Sunny Coast to raise and school our children in the best lifestyle the world has to offer. As a business coach and strategist, I was soon sought-after by the Profile management team to help revamp the magazine with a fresh strategy. And, as these things happen, Profile stirred in my soul again.  It reminds me of the corny phrase, ‘If you love something set it free. If it comes back it’s yours. If not, it was never meant to be’. Well, clearly the Universe had plans. Chris and her husband Jack decided it was time to ‘give Profile back to it’s Mama’. One short conversation and a cup of coffee later, I decided to take Profile Magazine back. Another risk. Another leap. Another change in the course of my – and Profile’s – destiny. It feels right. It feels effortless. It feels like there is more for myself, my team and Profile to give to the Sunshine Coast community. It feels like I am back on track to build the legacy. So welcome, hello again, and for those of you who don’t know me, ‘Ciao!’. The Profile team and I are committed to continuing that legacy I once dreamed of. That legacy to showcase the women and men of the Sunshine Coast who are bold risk takers, change-makers, innovators, and creators. The ones who inspire us to live better, work better, connect better and love better. We live in a magical place; a place where the traditional owners of this land, the Kabi Kabi and the Jinibara Peoples already knew this area held cultural, spiritual, social and economic significance.  It’s a place to be honoured. Our people need to be honoured. Our environment needs to be honoured. Our industries need to be honoured. Our next generation need to be honoured. And it is for that reason I am honoured to once again bring Profile Magazine to you.

This is not just a magazine. This is a representation of each and every one of you who have chosen to live here, to work here, to be educated here and to raise your children here. Just like I have.
So thank you, Chris, thank you to the incredible Profile team, thank you to the supporters, the advertisers and thank you to the community for continuing to keep ‘my baby’ safe in my absence.  And thank you for welcoming me back home.  Genine Howard Founder and Publisher, Profile Magazine ]]>