Get Back on Your Feet

October 1, 2018

Get Back on Your Feet

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Through extensive inpatient and day therapy programs, Healthe Care Australia’s Eden Rehabilitation Hospital on the Sunshine Coast helps people of all ages and circumstances recover from injury, illness or surgery to regain their strength, mobility, function and independence.

For those attending Eden Rehabilitation Hospital, the road to recovery is often long and hard, yet despite these difficulties, they display a steely resolve to quite literally get back on their feet again.

Offering orthopaedic, neurological and reconditioning programs; pain programs, amputee and cardiac services, as well as a wide breadth of additional allied health services, Eden is dedicated to not only improving their patients’ functional independence, but also engaging and stimulating them with various forms of therapy and/or exercise.

Eden Rehabilitation is one of 36 private hospitals within the Healthe Care Australia consortium and holds the highest classification level attained in Queensland – in fact, Eden is the only Level 5 rehabilitation hospital between Brisbane and Cairns.

Eden Rehabilitation hospital

After more than 15 years of rehabilitation service, Eden remains one of the most sought after rehab facilities in the state, due to its high calibre staff, outstanding results and individually tailored programs to help patients improve, restore and recover functions lost due to illness, injury or disability.

The hospital’s objective is to help you achieve an optimum level of functioning, mobility and independence so that you can return home sooner and safer. Whether you require a hospital stay, access to their day therapy programs, outpatient allied health or group exercise classes, your rehabilitation program is personalised to meet your individual needs.

“After more than 15 years of service, Eden Rehabilitation Hospital remains one of the most sought after rehab facilities in the state.”

Inpatient rehabilitation program

This is the most comprehensive and intensive method of service delivery. During your hospital stay, you will be under the care and guidance of the entire medical, nursing and allied health rehabilitation team.

Day therapy programs

Day therapy is available as an alternative to hospital admission, or for patients who have progressed beyond their inpatient stay and are ready to go home, but still need ongoing, follow up treatment.

Outpatient allied health services

Experienced allied health staff are available for sessional consultations on a private basis or via referral from your doctor for Enhanced Primary Care (EPC) programs where appropriate.

To find out more about what Eden REHABILITATION HOSPITAL can do to help you or someone you love, visit or call them on .

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