Great Connection

October 1, 2018

Great Connection

Specialising in all things radio frequency and networking, Signal Fox is your go-to for high speed internet connections, strong mobile phone coverage and wireless solutions in your home or office.

If you’re looking for a team who won’t wall mount your TV crookedly, won’t leave unsightly cables hanging down and won’t leave an installation job unless it’s working to their own high standards, then Signal Fox is the business that you are looking for. And even better, their work is all guaranteed.

Signal Fox is a Sunshine Coast business, owned and operated by a local family who pride themselves on their excellent service, their can-do attitude and high ethical standards.

They sell and install mobile phone booster systems (the legal ones) which provide a whole house with strong, reliable signal – so, no more standing out on the driveway, trying to hold a phone conversation, sweating in the summer heat!

They also install 4G high speed internet systems for those of you who are still on ADSL, have no internet or if you’re looking for a great back-up system for a business. The lowest speed they’ve ever achieved with these systems is 28MBps download. The highest? 190MBps! What’s even better is there are now some excellent data plans around, such as 200Gig of data for $80 per month, providing you access to the internet service you need for personal or business use.

For those of you who need to send internet from one house to another building, Signal Fox can install point to point systems, which sends internet up to 10kms away without compromising the quality of the internet. This is an excellent solution if you need to get signal to another house on your property, to your security gate, pool area or the back shed down the paddock. They also install point to multipoint systems, making the possibilities even greater.

James Kovacevic, Signal Fox’s head engineer, has been solving TV reception/antenna and cabling issues on the Sunshine Coast for 13 years, and has installed WiFi systems for over 50 resorts and hotels around the Sunshine Coast – it’s fair to say, he is a perfectionist! And given Signal Fox’s technicians each have over eight years of experience, you’ll always get the job done right.

Now, with all of these qualifications and standards, you may think that Signal Fox is expensive. Well, think again. With the highest of quality work also comes very competitive prices. They know what others charge around the Coast and they make sure they keep their prices down to remain competitive and fair.

This is reflective of the work ethic shown by Signal Fox’s proprietor and manager, Anthea O’Sullivan-Kovacevic, who comes from a farming family and watched her parents serve others with grace and decency, charging their customers honestly – which is exactly how Signal Fox is run today.

Are you fed up with poor internet reception?

  • 4G High Speed Internet Systems
  • Wifi Distribution – Home, Office & Acreage
  • Mobile Phone Signal Boosting
  • Resort/Hotel Wireless Solutions
  • Digital TV Antenna & TV Wall Mounting


If you have a problem you would love to see solved – CHALLENGE ACCEPTED! The Fox says, “Call us”


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