Green is the new black

September 29, 2017

Green is the new black

The New Hampshire home by Green Earth Homes is a stunning, modern and, as the name would suggest, eco-friendly home. Boasting a gorgeous Hamptons vibe, with a coastal Australian twist, the home is breezy, light and open – perfect for the Sunshine Coast lifestyle.

Don’t let the modern and luxurious appearances fool you; Green Earth Homes has taken a sustainable approach to The New Hampshire home, located in Pelican Waters, from day one of the building process. Firstly, builder Nathan Staal has taken the block’s location into consideration when designing the home to take advantage of passive solar.

We don’t just pick a house, plan and put it on the block,” says Grace Staal, operations manager at Green Earth Homes. “We actually design it specifically for that lot.”

Grace says a lot of people’s initial comments are that the home is a breath of fresh air, and there are plenty of reasons behind that sentiment. The first and obvious reason is the gorgeous Hamptons styling and unique colour palette (isn’t it refreshing to see a home in a different colour other than white?), but there is also an environmentally-friendly aspect to the design that gives it this easy, breezy feel.

Thanks to passive cooling, there’s refreshing air flowing through the home all year round. The louvers located throughout the home provide natural ventilation, the centrally located pool cools the home when a northerly breeze blows, and the high ceilings and windows allow the hot air to rise up and out. All of this passive cooling means that air conditioning is only necessary in the hottest weeks of the year, helping the environment and your wallet.

Other eco-friendly features include the cork flooring (forget 70s style, these floors are modern and luxurious), the paint by green accredited and local business Rockcote, LED lighting, sophisticated insulation and green switches. Waste is considered during the building process, and almost all materials are saved rather than thrown into landfill, including paint and gyprock.

It’s not just about the end product, it’s also about the process that goes into making it,” says Grace.

While these well-thought-out features mean an environmentally-friendly home, they add to the home’s beauty, inside and out – it’s win-win design on all fronts.

When you step into the home, you’re greeted by a clever corner window that provides a view of the pool and a jaw-dropping chandelier. The high ceilings and windows accompanied by a wide, open hallway gives the illusion of a massive space despite the home only being 242 square metres.

In fact, no space in this home feels too small. To the left of the entrance you will find the master bedroom, complete with a view of the pool and entertaining area, a large walk-in-robe featuring a cute window nook, and a gorgeous ensuite that continues the sophisticated Hamptons vibe. It is the definition of a parent’s retreat, and can be shut off to the rest of the home for Sunday morning sleep-ins or when you’re entertaining.

We try to design homes that the master bedroom is a suite in itself. So parents can get away from the rest of the home and actually feel like it’s their own domain,” says Grace.

On the right of the hallway, you’ll find the fourth bedroom and media room. While these might be some of the least used spaces in the house, all details have been considered, such as beautiful built in cupboards, clever storage spaces, sophisticated VJ walls and built in cabinetry.

And then you come to the heart of the home, which is the incredible kitchen and living space, including the outdoor area. This whole area features meticulous design and well considered finishes. The kitchen carries on the beautiful Hamptons style, featuring a modern beveled subway tile, stone benchtops and textured cabinetry. The eye-catching barn door on its black track leads to a huge and functional butlers pantry, perfect for big families.

The back of the home features two more bedrooms, a functional laundry and bathroom with a separate powder room – the perfect children’s retreat.

Green Earth Homes have gone above and beyond to produce this amazing home. The business is at the forefront of sustainability without compromising on style and modern features.

Our homes look exactly the same but they’re healthier for you, they have better products, and they look outside the box,” says Grace.

“That’s what we’re trying to bring to the Sunshine Coast environment. We’re actually trying to offer people a healthy alternative.”

Not only are Green Earth Homes considering the Sunshine Coast environment, they’re also concerned about the people who live in it. “There’s a lot that can be done in the community with building,” Grace says. That’s why they’ve partnered with IFYS and plan to auction off one of their stunning homes next year, with all the profits going to the organisation.

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