Is your hair removal actually working?

November 30, 2018

Is your hair removal actually working?

Why do some people have little or no results with hair removal? It has a lot to do with the equipment used.

Some lasers only travel to a depth of 755nm or 808nm, to target the hair roots and pigment, missing a lot of the deeper underlying hair roots. If the operator programs incorrect settings for the client’s skin type and colour, then little or no result will be achieved.

Older IPL machines can only travel 690nm and some can only treat light or fair skin types. The older machines are hot and painful and could not treat Asians or Islanders due to an increased risk of hyper/hypo pigmentation problems (light or dark patches) on the skin.

A new system, SHR, is laser technology and has pulsating light to remove hair faster and more effectively. It provides a gradual thermal rise to the target therapeutic temperature without risk of injury. It eliminates the problem of missed areas with coverage to legs, arms and backs. The SHR-filtered violet light and infrared light absorbs water, targeting the skin with no side effects. SHR accelerates operation speed and shortens treatment time. SHR also treats red and blonde hair and darker skin types very successfully.

Debora CrosbyDebora Crosby
Clinical Dermal Therapist
Dermal Solutions Australia

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