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Millennials have moved from owning a wardrobe to sharing it and they have started a trend that all generations are cashing in on.


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Our jaws drop and we gasp with delight and quite possible a tad of envy when we see the size of Celine Dion’s, Oprah Winfrey’s and Lisa Vanderpump’s wardrobes. The labels, the gowns, the shoes, the bags and accessories … it’s all there in one enormous room, that is usually bigger than a two-bedroom apartment. Women only dream of having a wardrobe like theirs.

Until now! 

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I bet the hair just stood up on the back of your neck and you got goosebumps down your arms and legs with excitement, right?

A girlfriend asked me once, “How much would you spend each year on clothes and shoes”? It was a multiple-choice question:

  1. A) $0.00 – $500
  2. B) $500 – $1,000
  3. C) $1,000 – $5,000
  4. D) $5,000 to $10,000

When I sat and thought about it, it would have to say “D”. When you think about all the events you go to each year and a good quality dress, which would cost a few hundred dollars, shoes, bags and so on, it doesn’t take long for it all to add up.  

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So imagine my delight when I was introduced to initiative women and men across Australia who created start up companies hiring out their wardrobes for a pinch of the price you would pay on the rack. Take Dean Jones and Audrey Khaing-Jones. In 2012, this husband and wife duo left their $300,000 investment banking jobs for a fashion startup called Glam Corner and it paid off. 

How it works is simple. Browse through the collection of designer dresses, millinery, bags and accessories, book your favourite dress online and they deliver to your door anywhere in Australia.  The dress is usually yours for 4 to 8 days and most of them come with accidental damage insurance. When finished with the dress, place it into the prepaid satchel provided by the company and it makes its way back to be dry-cleaned and ready for its next night out.


Be sure to use reputable companies with a proven track record and a great reputation.  Do your homework and be aware of cheap imitation startups or companies. You don’t want to be left frockless for your event.

To put it all into perspective, a designer dress like Self Portrait, Thurley, Alex Perry, Manning Cartell would set you back $500 – $1,500 if purchased in-store, to hire them would set up back about $130 – $150.

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Whether it is something chic for a night out, a beautiful dress for a friends wedding,  a formal gown for a gala ball, there is a dress for all occasions. Below are my top 5 sites to visit.  

Top 5 Hire Sites:

  1.   Glam Corner
  2.   Your Closet
  3.   Her Wardrobe
  4.   Dress Hire AU
  5.   Get Dressed Hire

Happy hiring fashionista’s!



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Tam is a fashion icon and TV presenter. She is also an accomplished businesswoman in her own right and known as one of the Sunshine Coast’s boss ladies having owned and operated five real estate agencies, managing portfolios of up to 300,000 million dollars over her 24-year career. Tam has reached wonder woman status, balancing her time emceeing, hosting events and interviewing celebrities with being mum to two teens.


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