You didn’t come here just to pay bills and lose weight!

While we are living the dream right now with all the incredible tech and opportunities around us, we are also silently suffering as a collective. Many of us have lost touch with what really matters, our soul, our children, and our own happiness.

Which of course results in feeling all sorts of grey instead of vibrant and healthy.

The cure? Awareness and a conscious choice to open up…

We are afraid of spending time in silenceand our biggest concern, especially for us women, is what others might think of us.
You didn’t come here just to pay bills and lose weight. And you also didn’t come this far, to only come this far!

Every single one of us was born with a fire within, a magnetic search of infinite potential. Yes, even you.
You are powerful beyond measure. As humans, we are certainly not perfect creatures but we are damn perfect CREATORS!

Most things we are experiencing throughout the day, week, years. Is because we once saw it within, yes? In fact, we even have that saying, “I didn’t see that coming” when something unusual happens to us.

Now, if you allowed yourself to dream bigger, SEE another reality for yourself…
Imagine the possibilities!

The irony of it all is that once we do make the conscious choice to open up, to be vulnerable, to focus on feeling good and having fun. The whole thing about paying bills and losing weight is not even an issue anymore.

Once we give ourselves true permission to shine and BE the person we’ve always been before we got carried away with all these self-constructed expectations and fears, then we naturally become that magnetic force for our positive manifestations to click into place.

We add meaning to our life simply by doing things that feel meaningful. Focus on that feel-good factor, this is your inner compass to your wildest dreams and no, there is nothing you need to accomplish or reach. You already have what it takes, the only thing you need to do if you will – is making a daily commitment to follow your soul and do what feels good to you IN that moment.

So why not start right now?
Take a really deep breath – hold it for 5 seconds – exhale.
Now ask yourself what would feel good in this very moment? Then go do that thing ___ .

You’ve got this.
You are loved, you are supported and you absolutely have what it takes.

Sabrina Weber
Insta: @iamsabrinaweber

Sabrina Weber is a Women’s Empowerment Coach & Motivational Speaker.
A Modern Mystic and self-proclaimed Palm-Tree Enthusiast living in the beachy surf town of Raglan, New Zealand.

In true Aries fashion, she has designed her own career path, blending spirituality with purpose-driven business mentoring that now attracts and elevates like-minded women globally. Empowering them to live life by design, stepping into their true goddess power and purpose work for a happier and freedom filled life.
She encourages women to remember who they always were and saying YES to the life they always knew was meant for them. Her clients adore the effortless blend of spiritual tools that work and down to earth business talk from this beach-loving boss babe, mother and plant foodie.