Tahnee Thomson Hello Baby 3D, Mountain Creek Getting to see your unborn child for the very first time and hearing the fast ‘thump’ of their heartbeat is an incredible experience for soon-to-be parents – one that has only been made more amazing by the advancement of ultrasound technology. Pregnancy ultrasound now provides expectant parents the chance to vividly see their little bundle of joy inside the womb, from facial expressions to actions, adding to the magic of pregnancy. It was for this reason Tahnee Thomson decided to become a pregnancy ultrasound technician. “I have always wanted to work in a job that I was passionate about. Introducing expectant parents to their unborn child is definitely a job I’m excited about getting out of bed for! And that’s what I do – I give parents the chance to meet their baby for the very first time,” says Tahnee. Tahnee started running Hello Baby 3D from her home in June 2015 with the premise of providing a more relaxed and friendly environment for families, and hasn’t looked back since. “What I do is very different to the routine diagnostic pregnancy scans conducted at 12 and 20 weeks. We take the time to get the most amazing photos and video of your little one,” says Tahnee. “My favourite thing is doing gender reveals – I do them at 15 weeks and it’s a really fun scan. The parents can bring their family and friends along for it and watching everyone’s reactions is fantastic.” While Tahnee is still learning what it takes to run a small business, she goes above and beyond for her customers, offering appointments after hours and on Saturdays to allow the whole family to come. She also provides a comfortable atmosphere, far removed from a typical ultrasound. And while Hello Baby 3D’s ultrasounds are non-diagnostic, they have become one of the most popular 3D and 4D ultrasound services on the Sunshine Coast. In Focus - The Bison Bar

Leishka Grygoruk The Bison Bar, Nambour
As a business analyst whose career revolves around business process redesign and reengineering work, the last thing Leishka Grygoruk expected was to start a venture in the hospitality industry. But after laying eyes on the old computer training room at the C-Square Courtyard in Nambour, while she was scoping out potential business locations with her partner back in 2014, a vision formed and The Bison Bar was born. After lovingly redesigning the space and refurbishing it with antiques and quirky second hand treasures, the once-derelict office space was transformed into a cosy, sophisticated, Art Deco-inspired bar where guests could relax, socialise and experience live music in a unique atmosphere. “We’re really into live music and wanted to create a more intimate space where it feels like you’re watching a gig in your own lounge,” says Leishka. “We’re in our 40s as well, so we wanted to design a space that would be somewhere that we’d like to hang out.” Nearly two years in, it’s an endeavour Leishka says she’s glad she started, with the venue now drawing some of Australia’s highest quality acts and gaining popularity among locals for hosting functions. “We get some amazing acts coming and playing here. It’s very personable and that’s the reason the artists love coming,” says Leishka. “As for our status as a function venue, I think people like us because we go out of our way to make it a great experience. We’re open and available to be booked outside of regular open hours and our staff are so lovely. They are such perfectionists and their customer service is absolutely fantastic.” While her experience in the industry is still fresh, Leishka’s passion for her business can be heard in her voice. “It’s more than just a space – it feels like home,” she says simply.]]>