Love letter to linen

November 1, 2018

Love letter to linen

Sunshine, mocktails, salt air, linen … there’s just something about linen, when you wear it, it’s like taking a holiday; you look relaxed, you feel relaxed and it is the perfect breathable fabric for greeting the warmer months of the year.

We all know quality fabrics never go out of style and linen is no exception, it’s been around for over 10,000 years and isn’t going anywhere soon. In fact, it’s becoming more and more popular making its way into the top trends this year and rapidly gaining popularity due to our drive to make more conscious choices when it comes to fashion.

Woven from the flax plant, Linen requires far less water than cotton, is biodegradable and doesn’t require any chemical fertilisers or pesticides, so it’s a fast favourite when we’re talking friendly fashion.

lilya florale dress

Lilya florale dress, RRP $79,

If you are loving the overalls look, but just can’t seem to make it work, try a linen jumpsuit, you will instantly get that relaxed, cool appearance without trying too hard. It’s the grown-up girl’s way of wearing this style (ask any woman with a linen jumpsuit how many compliments she gets, you’ll find it’s many)

Burrows and Co Long jumpsuit

Burrows and Co, Johnny Long jumpsuit, RRP $159,

Don’t let a few wrinkles scare you, the creases that come with this natural, raw fabric add to its charm, and the beauty of linen is that it becomes softer with washing. A tip, iron it while it’s slightly damp to achieve that fresh crisp look and if you’re short on time, spray the fabric with some water and gently smooth the wrinkles by hand. But don’t send yourself mad trying to get every crease out, it’s the relaxed holiday vibe that you’re going for, you simply cannot feel stressed wearing linen.

assembly label Anya Linen Pants

Assembly Label Anya linen pant in textured grey, RRP $90,

Summer is quickly approaching, and you will struggle to find a fabric more suitable, it’s super absorbent, yet dries quickly, so is a match made in heaven for those hot, hot days. If you’re lounging poolside, lazing on a yacht or enjoying a lovely balmy evening, your linen will never look out of place, so when planning your holidays, you know what should be first in your suitcase (and being so lightweight is just a bonus).

Havana Nights Dress

Bec & Bridge Havana Nights midi dress, RRP $330,

With a huge focus on eliminating plastic bags, what better way to introduce this fabulous fabric to your wardrobe! You can go for a neutral look or keep an eye out for some of the printed versions on the market, most of which are naturally dyed, making your piece extra special. Did I mention it’s moth resistant?!

Femke Linen Market bag

Femke Textiles flax linen mixed wattle market bag, RRP $55,

However you choose to wear our loveable linen this year, it’s hard to get it wrong, try the loose paper bag styles or for a little more polish, opt for tailored looks or dresses that pull in at the waist, either way it’s a Sunny Coast staple, so if you don’t have any in your wardrobe you better start searching now.

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