If I could describe myself in three words they would be… Rockabilly Bogan Nerd. I was born in… Townsville, but I was an Army brat so I’ve lived pretty much all over Australia. I did most of my schooling in Western Australia before I met my husband on holiday in Gympie 20 years ago and pretty much never went home. My favourite travel destination is… Italy. I went there for work a few years ago. It is breathtakingly beautiful. The history is astounding, the people are beautiful and the food is truly amazeballs. I’d go back in a second. On the weekend I like to… mow and listen to true crime podcasts. Nothing beats a freshly mowed lawn. If I could meet anyone it would be… Leonardo Da Vinci. I want to know if he was a time traveller. My hidden talent is… I can type 300 words per minute. I can also grow amazing roses and do 10 loads of washing in a day. The highlight of my career so far has been… Publishing my first book. I’ve wanted to write a book since I was five. I’d still love to write a historical Australiana novel, I’ve got the story in my head, I just haven’t written it yet. It’s on my bucket list.   My daily routine consists of… loads of writing for Stay at Home Mum, talking to people on Facebook and 30 minutes of ancestry research, which is me-time. I’m also constantly driving my children to their extra-curricular activities and trying to juggle running a business, raising two boys, keeping house, trying to keep fit because I eat too many biscuits, and renovating. I’m certainly never bored. I look up to… my husband, he is six foot three. When I’m not working I am… reading, researching or gardening. I’m a real homebody and a bit of an introvert and will use any excuse to stay home, preferably in my pyjamas. Thank goodness for online shopping. ]]>