“When we take away verbal communication and our cultural, political and geographical differences, we’re left with the same raw behaviour styles of people. “At the age of 19, while travelling, I found it really interesting observing people’s behavior and started to learn how to negotiate and handle ojections as part of daily life. Research indicated most people are not naturally skilled in this area; you have to learn it.” she says. Catherine returned to Australia and put all of these skills into practice in her customer service jobs. “I really like customers and want to provide a great service. If you provide a great service, the sales follow,” she says. Catherine began to win monthly awards for Westpac bank in Queensland, then went on to win national awards. A love of learning and a fascination for people and their communication styles is the cornerstone to her success. The self-described ‘edupreneur’ lives and breathes education and says it’s a lifestyle for her rather than a practice. “I have developed a deep commitment to education. I believe education is the real tool for cultural attitude change and learning to communicate for influence,” she says. “One of my top five strengths is that I’m a learner; I learn from every person I meet and every course I attend and develop. As an educator I then gather the information, trial, test and then share the outcomes. The more we can learn about who we are, the better a person we can be on the planet. And the more value we can add to other’s lives as well as our own.” The educational leader takes her role to inspire, motivate, influence and challenge current practices in the education field very seriously. She takes a pedagogy approach when developing her programs and understanding her audience and keeps deep learning competencies at the forefront when contextualising her soft skill training and resources.

 I believe education is the real tool for cultural attitude change and learning to communicate for influence.”
With a big picture view of the world, Catherine is able to provide these skills and resources to her clients to enable effective communication training for business growth and success. “We develop programs for corporates, entrepreneurs, school-leaver, and universities, all with the same outcomes in mind to self-lead, understand our communication strengths and weaknesses and learn how to create win-win results,” she explains. We last profiled Catherine in July 2017 and since then her business, Auspac Business Advantage, has grown to reach new clients all over the globe. Born out of the need to educate people about communication, Auspac kicked off their Life Skill Wrap Around workshops for MBA and BA degrees with the International Skill Development Corporation, where they’re delivering programs to international colleges. They’ve also worked in China, Hong Kong, Singapore, New Zealand, Australia, UAE and India since July, and they’re now working with the Speakers Institute in Sydney and volunteering on the National Speakers Board. With a lifelong passion for charity work, Catherine is organising an education program for Ugandan villages to bring confidence and courage to teenagers to understand their value and make positive change. And finally, she’s delivering body language boot camps to schools including Immanuel Lutheran College. In the next six months, Catherine will launch her first book, The Million Dollar Handshake, which will also have an exciting digital component, and Auspac will be putting all of their workshops from the last 10 years online. As an intricate member of the Sunshine Coast’s education taskforce, Catherine’s passion and dedication for education has inspired hundreds of locals to follow their dreams into the workforce. She has also researched and developed the Future Careers 2025 program for school students with the council and is exporting this knowledge to help local business develop overseas. Over the past four years, The Million Dollar Handshake has been delivered internationally, revolutionising the way you meet and greet and to create influence with win-win results. Join Catherine and the team for the next Sales and Leadership Congress so you can boost your business, learn to deliver your message and develop your million dollar handshake for confidence and influential communication.

Catherine Molloy’s Top Tip: In a nano second you can lift yourself up and feel great – just pull your shoulders back and straighten yourself. Breathe deeply and smile. When we smile we all speak the same global language and we project positivity. These small actions change our mind and our mind changes our outcomes. I always say, “Be the change you want to see in the world.”

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Top photo by Nathan Shooter from Thrive Media