Don’t stray too far from who you really are – that’s when fashion blunders rear their ugly heads.”

But I digress, while in the midst of writing this column I am distracted by the bevy of beauties walking past the editorial room, each with their own sense of style and I suddenly realise my inspiration has been right in front of me all along.
Here at Profile Magazine headquarters, we all have our own sense of style and we would look quite ridiculous if we were to try and emulate someone else’s look.
For a while now, I have been regarded as somewhat of a Stepford Wife, in large part to my love of baking, but also because of the way I dress. My body shape lends itself to the outfits that are cinched at the waist and flare at the hem and the nickname really stuck when one day I completed the look with a ballerina bun hugged with a red scrunchie (yes I’m showing my age now aren’t it? But I promise you it was years ago and I’ve since learnt my lesson).
While I appear to be stuck in a vintage era, many of the other ladies here in the office sport more of a modern look, pulling off structured blazers and fitted skirts with finesse. I have tried to change my look before, investing in signature pieces that everyone else wears with aplomb, but I just look ridiculous and frumpy, if I’m being honest.
I’m not saying it’s forbidden to experiment with your look as you grow, just don’t stray too far from who you really are – that’s when fashion blunders rear their ugly heads. But I guess that’s the whole point isn’t it? What a boring place the world would be if we all dressed the same and had the same interests.
Fashion is a way of expression, a way of introducing yourself to strangers before you utter a single word.]]>