Let’s talk about life after mastectomy

October 1, 2018

Let’s talk about life after mastectomy

With new technology, such as improved breast prosthesis combined with flattering lingerie and swimwear, you can still feel like your old self after having a mastectomy – no more filling your breast cup with tissues, fabric or a homemade breast form, or being uncomfortable in a poorly-fitted bra.

There are dozens of prosthetic breast shapes, weights and sizes to choose from, matching as closely to your remaining breast as possible. There are also breast forms that can be used while swimming or exercising, so your lifestyle doesn’t have to change. 

For ladies who have had a bilateral mastectomy, picking the breast size you’ve always wanted to be is now an option. Post-mastectomy wear such as lingerie, swimwear, sportswear and casual wear have also improved in terms of support, style and comfort. 

Other good news is the Federal Government covers the cost of your breast prosthesis – up to $400 per breast every two years for the rest of your life, and many private health funds cover the cost of post-mastectomy bras. 

Don’t forget to have a professional fitting by a trained lingerie and prosthesis fitter.

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