I had forgotten in the pursuit of success the real purpose of life …community, connection, enjoyment.” Two years after this “lightbulb moment”, and Andrew was CEO of a $3 million business, but ultimately became consumed by the running of his lucrative company. And then the question, what the hell was Andrew chasing?, was answered in 1995 while he was trekking the Kokoda Trail. “I’m there sitting up in the communities in the mountains, and they are laughing and relaxing. I had forgotten in the pursuit of success the real purpose of life, which I saw in those mountains was community, connection, enjoyment. “I made the decision; I’m going to go back, sell my company and downsize my life, and write a book.” Andrew did just that, penning the self-published What The Hell Are You Chasing?!, which has sold 20,000 copies worldwide since launching in 2011, followed by his ‘Flip Your Life’ course. He has contributed a chapter to a Business Millionaire book, and is working on his second title, as well as online mentoring, podcasting and webinars. And, as part of his sea change from Sydney to the Sunshine Coast, Andrew has implemented a disciplined health, meditation, reflection and fitness routine, and recently married in Germany. “I’m very lucky, I’ve found my calling with this. The more people you help, the more fulfilled you feel,” he smiles. “When I saw those kids in the Papua New Guinea mountains laughing; that’s why I wrote the book. I think we often teach what we most need to learn.” And on that note, see you on the flip side! Andrew’s top tips for creating change in the New Year • The New Year is an opportunity to reset, reflect, think, and map things out • Write down your goals • Put yourself in a new, creative environment]]>