Genine Howard

Genine is the Founder of the PROFILE brand and along the way won a few awards, had a couple of babies, travelled the world, sojourned to Melbourne to follow her actor-hubby’s career and all the while built multiple business empires.

Now back at the helm of PROFILE, business coach, Genine is set to bring fresh strategy to the magazine, plus a whole lot of love with a touch of glamour!

Tam Wrigley

Tam is a fashion icon, hosting at the TV Week Logie Awards each year and is a TV Host on Beyond Beautiful. 

She is also an accomplished businesswoman in her own right and known as one of the Sunshine Coast’s boss ladies having owned and operated five real estate agencies over her 24-year career. 

Tam has reached wonder woman status, balancing her time emceeing, hosting events, travelling interstate for her TV work and interviewing celebrities with being mum to two teens.

Paris Ramsay

Paris is our youngest team member and is completing a Certificate III in Business with Profile Magazine as part of her year 12 studies. 

She runs her own accessory business that she began at 14,, and in 2018 she won Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award. 

Paris splits her time between grade 12, speaking engagements, dance class or working on her businesses, she loves to read, spend time with her family, travel to new places and has a passion for contribution.

Calli Burnett

Calli Burnett has been a professional photographer since 2005, specialising in wedding and portrait photography. In unison with her photography business Calli co-created Sunshine Coast Brides magazine, a wedding publication distributed for a decade through newsagents around Australia.

As one of the founding directors of the print publication, Calli was responsible for the production and digital layout of the magazine, as well as directing the digital presence for associated wedding platforms.

Her skills for have been developed from her years of photography, editing skills, and an acute understanding of processes and education of media and imagery. Calli has also managed workshops and educational seminars for aspiring creatives.