“Our aim is to live as toxic free and as organic as possible, so when it came to designing our home, that was a major priority for us,” says Melissa. We used toxic free paint and glues and the most natural materials we could find. We used a non-toxic paint called Bio Paint which was infused with lemon essential oil for the whole house. It smelt amazing and didn’t have that toxic paint smell, which was great,” says Melissa. “We also used a non-toxic glue, remember your health matters and you matter. Non-toxic floor sealer called Envirox was also used, after all, you will be spending a majority of your time in there so you don’t want to be breathing in toxic chemicals! We used all natural materials throughout, from the timber shiplap walls, white oak joinery, table and desk were all waxed with the Biowax,” Melissa explains the interiors have been reworked with softer natural materials of stone, timber and textural furnishings to reflect the surrounds. To read the full story pick up your copy of Profile Magazine today. ]]>