Migraines ruin lives.

That’s what my client’s tell me and I believe them.

I’m lucky enough to have only had one migraine when I was about 19 and my husband took me to the hospital because I thought my head was going to split open.

Honestly, it was the worst pain I’ve ever experienced.
Imagine what it would be like to never have a migraine again!

Migraines they can be so debilitating they can ruin your life and can be caused through family, social or the work environment.

When you suffer from migraines it’s hard to plan anything as you never know when one will strike or how long it will last so you end up living a very restricted lifestyle.

Migraines can cause you to be on strong medications but these can have many other side effects and you can end up creating other problems too.

Through the work I do as a Body Whisperer I’ve found one of the reasons for getting migraines is because it’s hard to say NO.
Maybe you say yes all the time to many people and the resentment, anger and frustration starts to build in your body because you’re doing everything for everyone else and your needs are not a priority anymore.

I believe your body is amazing and because it doesn’t want to keep saying yes to all these people it creates these migraines so that you can go off and lie down for a few hours or days and then you can’t say yes to anyone and you’ve now got an excuse.

This is all done unconsciously but when this keeps happening it affects your life at such a deep level and the migraines take over and you can get one a week or month and I had a client who lived this way for 50 years until she worked with me and they stopped for good.

How to say NO

If you struggle to say no, next time someone asks you to do something for them tell them you need to think about it. Tell them you need to check your diary and you’ll get back to them.

Take a few hours or a day before you get back to them and ask yourself do I want to do this or is it going to cause me more stress and resentment?

Migraines are the body’s unconscious defence mechanism to deal with stress but instead what you need to learn is how to say no

People will always ask the first person who is going to say yes as they don’t want to do the job themselves. They don’t want to spend a long time looking for someone who will do it, so they go for the easiest option ie the 1st person who will say yes the quickest.

If this is you it’s time for things to change and it will help if you to start saying no.

There are other causes for migraines too like ancestral trauma or what was happening whilst you were in the womb or food intolerance for example. It really depends on your individual circumstances but I know you don’t have to keep living this way.

Jennie suffered for over 50 years
I suffered from severe migraines for over fifty years and as I aged they increased in frequency and severity. A typical migraine would have me bedridden for three or four days with intense pain in my head accompanied by vomiting/dry retching and diarrhoea. Once the pain finally left it would take me several days to rehydrate, get back to regular eating and start feeling ‘normal’ again. Migraines wasted so much of my time and caused me to miss many events, activities and social engagements.

Now, thanks to Ann, I am looking forward to the rest of my life without the pain and stress of migraine. It’s hard to describe, but it feels a bit like I imagine it would feel to be let out of jail or to have heavy chains you’ve been carrying cut away from you
Sessions with Ann have been empowering, relaxing, healing and I looked forward to them each week. She healed, cleared blockages and made suggestions for changes in my life. And not only cleared my migraines but enabled me to feel more alive.

Thank you Ann. – Jenny Brice – South Australia

I love helping women just like you because I believe…

You deserve to be happy, healthy and successful and I can support you to stop living with migraines and bring clarity, focus and balance back into all areas of your life.

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Much love,
Ann Noler Harris
The Body Whisperer

Ann Noler Harris is an International “Body Whisperer” and specialises in helping women entrepreneurs and coaches to remove the blocks that cause pain, stress and blocks in their success. She supports them to bring balance into all areas of their life.
As a Reiki Master, Advanced Metaphysical Anatomy Practitioner, Medical Intuitive and Certified Coach, Ann has mastered the ability to help you to get to the root cause, so you’re no longer held back in life.
Working with hundreds of women Ann has realised that unconscious blocks can stop you from living the life you deserve.