Los Nachos Trios at Noosa main beach. Photo credit: Barry Alsop, Eyes Wide Open Images[/caption] But it’s their alter-egos that are currently drawing the crowds, as the group easily break in and out of character as we chat, flourishing hands and Latin lilts bringing Martina, Valentina de Luca, Lola Hernandez and Juan Pablo to life. “This is my cousin and this is my cousin’s cousin. We come from the Homeland, it’s no specific where we from, we don’t know. But it’s very sassy, it’s very hot there, accents change a lot, they are very unreliable but that’s okay because nobody knows where we come from, is okay. On this tour we come to Australia to give our teachings of love. We can really teach you the power of love,” ‘Martina’ trills mischievously. “People leave our shows better looking, they smell better, sometimes people don’t leave and they just make love in the room…” Back to their Australian personas, and the group shares how they began to collaborate. “Four years ago me and Karla were acquaintances, friends of friends and we sort of came up with the idea and we did a few gigs,” says Laura. “We did Short + Sweet festival just to see what people thought, and we won People’s Choice in 2013,” adds Karla. The following year in 2014, Karla and Laura met Michelle at the Ballarat Cabaret Festival. “We knew David from years ago and we got him on board and he helps us with all the arrangements,” says Laura. The girls are all musicians, actors and performers, while David has original music and is a set builder; individually Michelle stars in a comedy show, Laura performs an a capella show, and both Karla and Michelle sing with Noosa Long Weekend Festival ambassador Catherine Alcorn in her Divine Miss Bette show. “We draw inspiration from Ricky Martin, Latino beats, and once you tell people and they know about it they text you saying they know this great Latina song … we Latina-fy stuff,” the group laughs. “There’s lots of comedy and improvisation in the room. We just have a lot of fun, it’s not too serious. We don’t take ourselves very seriously we just get the work done and have a great time.” This is evident in the excitement they share of the rapt response from their Noosa Long Weekend Festival performance. “We had an amazing reaction, they were chanting for more. Great vibe from the audience, it’s the most theatrical setting we’ve done,” says David. “It’s well curated and a really wonderful, boutique festival. There’s a real nice feeling about being so well received. It makes us more confident in what we’re doing for the future.” With plans including touring at cabaret festivals, and booking corporate gigs, the Los Nachos Trios hope to return to this year’s Noosa Long Weekend Festival from 15 to 24 July, 2016.]]>