Too often companies talk about the product, they don’t talk about what’s in it for the customer.”
“So many people started contacting Deb after her story was told in the Australian Women’s Weekly asking her about her experience – how did she know, who her surgeon was, how did she cope, how she felt about turning 50, how she managed to be self-accepting? “We realised that so many women 45-plus were looking at what was next in their life, how they could reinvent themselves after being at home raising a family or how they could find that elusive work/life balance, so we developed a program called Balance, which brought together a team of expert coaches to help us unlock the key to a successful and happier life. What started as a website has now become a business in its own right.” While Balance is the duo’s business-to-consumer platform, OMG was created as a business-to-business platform to help small to medium enterprises reach their full potential by unlocking their story and connecting better with their clients through content marketing. “We created a model using the five P’s. Path – where they want to go? Purpose and Passion – what gets them out of bed every morning? Partnerships – what software they use, virtual assistants, etc and Persuasion – helping businesses tell their story through their website, social media, etc. “My job is to get the business to understand what it is. Few businesses can give you the old elevator pitch. Once we have established the five P’s we work on FAB – Features, Advantages and Benefits. Too often companies talk about the product, they don’t talk about what’s in it for the customer. You have to have your story but you have to be able to listen to your customers too.” Driving Sonya’s passion for helping businesses embrace the digital world is a love of learning and a desire to save her clients’ time and money while enabling them to achieve work/life balance. “I believe being online enables us to learn in a way we were never able to before. I heard Steve Jobs talk decades ago about how the future of computing would be learning and I believe it 100 per cent,” she says. “It’s all about you doing what you are good at in your business and hiring specialists to do the stuff you are not so good at,” she says. “If you are a retail store and your light fitting blows up, you are not going to go on the internet and learn how to do it, you are going to hire an electrician. The same can be said for marketing. “Digital is about allowing people to find their path to be able to do the thing they love that doesn’t feel like work. If they can take their passion and turn it into a purpose, they will be much happier.”]]>