If your home has little or no street appeal, the buyer is going to feel negative vibes and be reluctant to even enter the property.” It is vital that you strike that emotional connection from the very start – so your street presentation is very important. Stand out on your street and look at your property as if you are doing it for the first time. What do you see? Overgrown gardens, poor lawn care, broken foot paths, shabby fences, too much foliage against the house, tired looking front door, peeling paint, rusted gutters … some of these tasks require a little manpower to fix, or maybe you will need to hire a handyman (remember this is an investment to achieve that sale, so it is worth it). Don’t forget to fix or remove the problem areas. Sometimes it is better to have no fence than a broken one. If people see things that are broken or in bad repair, they will assume no attention has been paid to this property and begin to wonder what other things could be lurking in the home to cause them concern with hidden cost. Remove overgrown foliage from your home that might be restricting light into the home. Open it up. Finally, look at your front door – does it need replacing? A coat of paint could really brighten it up. It is your gateway into your property, make it inviting to welcome that buyer inside.]]>