Peonies & Paris with Kerrie Hess

April 1, 2019

Peonies & Paris with Kerrie Hess

Old Hollywood glamour and the city of love itself, Paris, is where iconic fashion artist Kerrie Hess draws inspiration. Profile spent time with Kerrie in her feminine gallery-like studio, where she opens up about her fashion muses, balancing career and motherhood, and finding love.

Kerrie Hess

Wearing jeans and a white linen shirt, accessorised with a paintbrush poised at her easel, is how I would describe Kerrie Hess as being perfectly at home and at ease. Watching Kerrie at work is somewhat mesmerising. Her creativity transforms a blank page with her stylish and stunning art while around her, the walls of art speak of romance, haute couture fashion and her strong Parisien connection.

“I think you can get inspiration from anywhere,” says Kerrie. “It could be travel, but for me it is from a lot of old movies. I grew up watching Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn, so, for that reason, I don’t particularly paint styles that are current. I don’t want anyone to buy my art work and for it to date.

Kerrie Hess

“I like to keep the styles simple and on trend. I love that vintage aesthetic and I love the old artists like Toulouse-Lautrec that had a real brush-work look, which is kind of my visual inspiration.”

Speaking with Kerrie and looking around her blush pink and white stylish art studio, it’s evident there’s a deep connection to the city of love. Her artwork takes you on a stroll through Paris, allowing you to glimpse into its unique and stylish world of ornate architecture, the people, and of course the chic clothing.

Kerrie Hess

“Living in Paris for two years was a big inspiration for me, everywhere you looked there was beauty, from the architecture to the street wear and Paris Fashion Week,” smiles Kerrie.

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