A defining moment in Brian’s career came when he was invited to collaborate with a Gold Coast sculpture artist, Clayton Blake, at Burning Man Festival in Black Rock Desert, Nevada. Burning Man is an international mecca for creative expression, art, music and participation. Here, Brian took to the international stage showing a seascape of our beloved Peregian Beach. His projection reached an audience of 78,000 over seven nights as it danced across the dry river beds in the hot Nevada desert. Brian finished off the year at the Swell Festival on the Gold Coast. This particular projection was made in collaboration with Glenn Barry, a local Indigenous artist and highlighted the extinction of native animals. Their collaboration was projected onto Elephant Rock at Currumbin Beach, which also happens to be a climbable look-out. “Kids could go up and touch and even climb it, playing in the light,” says Brian. “It was exciting to see this interaction.” With no intention of slowing down, Brian’s art continues to grow in popularity across the globe and he has he eye set on some international art festivals in China and the USA as well as featuring at festivals on home soil. Brian’s ongoing dedication to projection art, and its modern way to satisfy curiosity and creativity, will ensure vibrant new life for vital environmental messages. ]]>