Sky is the Limit

Sky is the Limit

When Kylie Crossman had her second child, she decided to take a break from being a VIP air hostess in the RAAF, instead craving a creative outlet. And so she began designing and creating children’s bed linen, all while working from home. She started by selling her unique and handmade products from markets, but expanded to social media as a major platform as it allowed her better reach to her customers.

“At the time I also made children’s clothing but have gravitated towards children’s bed linen as there was a real market for unique designs that are different from what you can buy in department stores,” she says. “Now with four small boys I find I am really enjoying designing the fabrics with their creative input and working on patterns for each of my items.”

Profile: How would you describe your personal style when it comes to your sons’ rooms?
Kylie: My boys’ rooms are light and bright, minimalistic yet practical. I find storage is key to keeping all their bits and pieces hidden and the overall appearance less cluttered. I like to display their artwork and find it is a great way to add colour and personality to their rooms.


Profile: What trends are you loving at the moment for children’s bedrooms?
Kylie: I really love that children’s interior design is so popular right now and parents are creating amazing spaces for their little people to relax, learn and grow. Reading nooks, swings, low bookshelves for easy access, the sky’s the limit. We are in the process of building a new house and the boys have been helping me design their own spaces – on the mood board at the moment are house-shaped cubbies with lots of cushions, some really cool light options and lots and lots of storage!

Profile: What colours are you enjoying working with at the moment?
Kylie: Peach, mint, gold and metallic!

Profile: What are three things people can do to update the look of their children’s bedrooms?
Kylie: I think bed linen can really transform and freshen the look of a bedroom instantly, make it reversible and you have two looks! Artwork and rugs can make a statement and be really affordable. A good tidy up! Choose clever and fun storage solutions for all the trinkets your children love that create clutter. Fabric baskets are great.

Profile: It has become a current trend to pay a little more attention to children’s bedrooms, why is that?
Kylie: I think there is a lot more focus on home interiors in general with renovation shows being so popular and their strong focus on styling. We are taking more pride in our children’s spaces and having fun with it.

Profile: What are the differences in designing for nurseries and children’s bedrooms compared to adult bedrooms?
Kylie: Children grow and their interests change so I think parents want a fun, modern and functional space that can be restyled as their children mature. Children also spend time in their room playing, reading, drawing and creating so this needs to be factored into their design. Reading nooks, book shelves, canopies and tepees are popular and look amazing. A child’s room should be a safe place for them and it should reflect their personality.

Profile: What are some of your tips and tricks for designing nurseries for people who don’t know the gender of their baby? Which colours work best?
Kylie: Many of my customers do not know the gender of their babies when they contact me. I find choosing gender neutral colours like mint, grey and white are popular choices. These colours look great if you want to add peach or coral for girls or go darker with charcoal 
for boys.


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