20 year old Chloe Murphy is another TAFE fashion student with big dreams to be the number one festival fashion label and she’s already well on her way. Style Chloe Murphy swim

When did you discover your love for fashion?

I discovered my love for Fashion after I started sewing and learning the basic skills throughout my early high schooling years. I went on to study at TAFE with the TAFE at school program were I completed my Certificate III in Fashion Design and Technology throughout grade 11 and 12. This is when I became really passionate about the industry and became eager to learn more. I was certain of my career in the Fashion Industry and knew I wanted to create my own brand.  

What inspired you to start Lionel the Label?

I was inspired to start Lionel the Label because I wanted to turn a hobby into a career. After studying and being exposed to the industry i knew i wanted to let my creativity flourish and create my own brand. There is nothing id rather do in this lifetime of mine than to create products for my customers and build upon Lionel the Label.

What advice do you have for young people who are thinking of a career in fashion but don’t know where to start?

There are so many career pathways within the fashion industry, my advice would be to do a short course in the fashion industry so you are exposed to the different aspects and the process of creating a single garment. This might expose you to a certain role in the industry that you enjoy. I would also suggest internships with different companies and in different roles so you get first hand experience. For designers looking to create their own brand in the fashion industry I think it is important to establish a market for the product/s you are creating, there will always be someone out there who will love what you are creating, you just have to find those people.

How did you transition from fashion as a hobby to a full time business?

I was alway serious about creating Lionel the Label into a successful full time career. It transitioned as I completed my schooling education and qualifications in the fashion Industry. I wanted to ensure I was delivering quality products and garments to my customers and established a market for my product. By taking my products to market trading online, at local markets and music festivals I have established a target market and interacted with my customers to deliver more products and forecast future designs. As a designer it was important for me to find a field in the industry I was passionate about, which I quickly discovered to be swimwear and stretchwear.

What do you love about festival fashion?

Festival fashion is almost like creating costumes, I love that I can create statement pieces and have customers wearing Lionel the Label throughout there festival experience. Fashion is such a huge part of festival culture, I am not limited to creating functional yet extravagant garments. With the heat of Australian Summer festivals I see a lot of punters wearing swimwear as there daytime festival outfit.

What’s the fashion industry like for someone so young? Do you ever have people underestimate you or have you found a lot of support?

Having started my career so young some people haven’t understood the commitment that I have to Lionel the Label and building upon the brand. I believe some people have perceived it as a hobby of mine even after I established my label. I have come across banks, accountants and real estate agents for example who have underestimated my label but overall I am overwhelmed by the support that I receive and the contacts I have made in the short time that I have had Lionel the Label. I am forever grateful for the support of business mentors, contacts, friends and family. With their encouragement it has made the process of creating Lionel the Label far easier.

What trends/colours/designers are you loving at the moment?

A trend I am loving at the moment is asymmetrical designs, in particular one shoulder designs. I am also loving matte colours of lycra at the moment, two of my favourite colours include rosewood Ppink and orange both of which are included in my 2018/19 Summer Swimwear collection. A lot of glitter and purple will be seen throughout my festival collection for Summer.

Who or what inspires you?

Festival culture and a coastal lifestyle inspire me. I am inspired by other local creatives and also big brands that have a great ethos and approach to sustainability.

How do you stay inspired?

I think a healthy and balanced lifestyle certainly helps keep motivated and inspiration flowing. Social media can be very inspiring especially when following a variety of accounts, and personal travels are a great way to spark my own creativity. Living on the Sunshine Coast is an ideal lifestyle for me personally and my passion for the textile industry gets me out of bed each morning, the inspiration just comes naturally.

What’s your opinion on the Sunshine Coast fashion industry?

I love the community spirit of the Sunshine Coast, so many people here love to support small local businesses and I think a lot of people here are creating more sustainable lifestyles. We have some beautiful locally owned boutiques and with the plans underway for Maroochydore and the Sunshine Plaza i think the fashion and retail industry on the coast will certainly flourish. Style Chloe Murphy one piece]]>