SC_01n Profile: Who was your earliest influence when it comes to fashion? Shelby: I’m really inspired by characters so my earliest influence would’ve been Madeline, Ludwig Bemelmans’ adored little French, charmingly impetuous, irrepressible, mischievous and precocious character. Profile: How would you describe your own fashion style? Shelby: My style stems from characters, and being able to portray a type of person through my clothing. I just love being inspired. 
I wear things that make me feel comfy and happy. Profile: What do you love about styling your outfits? Shelby: I love styling my outfits to suit my mood at the time. What I’m wearing always reflects how I feel on that particular day. Profile: What is the current fashion trend you’re loving? Shelby: I love the ‘70s vibe coming back through because it has a big focus on prints, which I love! SC_01 Profile: What is the must-have fashion item we should all have? Shelby: A statement denim piece. Whether it’s a high-waist denim skirt worn with sneakers or a pair of denim flares – you can never go wrong with denim. Profile: What will you be doing as part of the Supré Girl Gang? Shelby: Being a part of the Supré Girl Gang is all about celebrating and empowering girls. So I want to give as much support and love to my girlfriends, as well my followers – they’re all really great and funny people. Oh and I also get to hang out with the Girl Gang on set, which doesn’t feel like work at all! Profile: How did you get into blogging? Shelby: I just wanted to create, so I started my blog. Creating things and expressing myself is what keeps me alive, it’s my escape. I am excited to see where all of this takes me. Profile: How did you get into modelling? Shelby: I started modelling when I created my own photo shoots at home for my blog. I’ve always loved dressing up. I pretty much hyperventilate when I see pretty clothes, so for me it doesn’t feel like work at all. I got to head along to Fashion Week this year, which was so much fun. Being part of the Supré Girl Gang and shooting the last campaign has definitely been 
a highlight. SC_02]]>