table talk for their thoughts, here’s what they had to say.  Ask any bleary-eyed new parent what luxury is and they will tell you it’s an uninterrupted night’s sleep! Ask someone in their 20s and such a thing couldn’t be further from their mind;  it’s more likely to be a designer pair of heels or an expensive new dress. For me personally, luxury these days is time, a commodity which there never seems to be enough of! Gone are the days when the weekends would mean a sleep-in and a long, lazy breakfast. Now, it’s up  early for kids’ sporting commitments, catching up on the 10 piles of washing and re-stocking for school lunches! And I’m not alone it seems. For as varied as their responses were, slowing down to spend time with family and friends, enjoying a walk along the beach or a long bubble bath were all up there with what my guests considered a luxury. Joining me for lunch was Angeline McLean of McLean and Co Jewellers, Kawana; Catherine Molloy, author, presenter and owner of Auspac Business Advantage; Sue Gaylard, owner of Avenue J Couture; Vicky Sheridan, account manager with Profile Magazine, Chris Childs, CEO of Think Money Group and Angela Espie and Jo McDonald, co-owners of La Clinique.  [caption id="attachment_14782" align="aligncenter" width="870"] Roasted lamb rack[/caption]

Define luxury and what it means to you.

Vicky: For me, luxury once meant owning a nice vehicle, living in a new architecturally-designed home, holidays abroad staying in five star hotels. In short, having the best of the best. Today, luxury for me means having spare time for luxury experiences such as spending time at the beach, even if it’s through the windows of the Bluff Bar along Alex Beach, playing a round of golf with the girls, wine tasting with friends and holidays within Australia. When I look at others, I still identify their large homes and prestige cars as being luxurious items and congratulate them on their obvious successes.
Luxury, I believe, has many levels and we all celebrate luxury in our own individual way, so whatever allows you to pop a “tick in the box”, celebrate and embrace it. 
Catherine: I would define luxury as a state of mind. Don’t get me wrong I love being draped in a silk dress, using soft and silky honey and milk on my skin and drinking Veuve Clicquot (not often enough though!), but I have discovered you can find luxurious moments anywhere, anytime. Those moments when you step outside after spending hours inside working and you raise your face to the sun and you are bathed in a warm glow, that feels so luxurious on your skin. When you slip off your shoes and sink your toes into the fine cool sand of the Sunshine Coast and you know you are home.  Angeline: I agree that luxury is a state of mind … a pleasurable experience for all our senses. It’s the touch and feel, the beauty our eyes can see. It’s the indulgence of exquisite food, the peacefulness of a quiet haven or the sound of your favourite music taking you to a happy place. And of course by wearing a beautiful piece of jewellery a lady can feel like she can conquer the world! Chris: Luxury to me means time and travel. Having the time to be able to travel often, and to have the ability to be able to go to amazing places and see and do exciting new things. Having time also gives you choices, to be able to choose to spend time with family, friends and especially grandchildren. Having time to stop and smell the roses is luxury, and even better if those roses are in the grounds of a castle somewhere in Europe!  Jo: Time! I am a busy working mum of three boys, so my home is male dominated! For me, I find luxury in having time to sit in my favourite spot and read a book uninterrupted. Angela: Luxury for me can be found in a few simple things that I absolutely adore. Perfectly brewed coffee, French perfume, Harrods shortbread and my silk pillowcase. If I can incorporate any one of those things into my day, if not all of them, I am a very, very happy girl, and what’s more luxurious than joy?  Sue: Luxury is an indulgence in something that provides pleasure and satisfaction, it’s a feeling, a state of mind. For some, luxury may be a bubble bath, for others it’s staying in a five-star hotel or buying a gorgeous piece of high-end antique jewellery. Luxury can also be the feeling you get when you sit in a plush and comfortable leather chair or drive a high-end car. It is also in how a business makes you feel. If you feel important, cared for and comfortable when dealing with a business this can also be defined as luxury. Being made to feel like you’re the only person that matters to them. To me, attention to detail, doing the little things right and delivering a unique and special customer journey that is both luxurious and memorable is extremely important in all of our businesses. [caption id="attachment_14780" align="aligncenter" width="870"] Pineapple chiboust[/caption]

HARRY’S on Buderim

Nestled next to a beautiful bush walk and tranquil waterfall, Harry’s on Buderim is one of those places that instantly makes you feel a sense of relaxation and calm. Whether you are seated outside on the covered veranda overlooking the parklands and forest beyond or in the cosy and elegant fire room, the century-old building oozes character and charm and has been tastefully decorated in keeping with the elegance of a bygone era.   Owned by two-hatted chef Stuart Bell along with wife Lisa, sister Sharon and her husband Neale Rivett, the foursome took over the restaurant earlier this year and have been receiving rave reviews for their imaginative menu using locally-grown produce, top class service and attention to detail.  On the day of our visit my guests and I were treated to a sample of dishes from the menu that really showcased the talent of chef Stuart. Exquisite flavours, beautiful presentation and excellent service combined to make our visit truly memorable. I can vouch for the pan seared eye fillet, which was cooked to perfection and melt-in-your-mouth delicious. And judging from the compliments around the table, each of the other dishes were just as good. Dessert was a real highlight. I can highly recommend the poached strawberries with fresh lychees, crème renversee, crispy crepe and elderflower ice cream – what a combination and it was just as good as it sounds.  Harry’s is the perfect spot for a long leisurely lunch with girlfriends, a romantic dinner for two, or any special occasion really. The private dining room is ideal for functions and what a beautiful setting for an intimate wedding!  [caption id="attachment_14778" align="aligncenter" width="870"] Stuart plating the Banana cake with banana marmalade[/caption]

On The Menu

Amuse Bouche

Cured ocean trout with lemon myrtle cream 


Crispy skin barramundi with an eggplant puree, baby fennel, spiced tomatoes and fennel emulsio Roasted lamb rack served with a bunya nut puree, smoked garlic, heritage carrots, chia seeds and lamb jus Biggenden pork loin beside a crispy pork belly, caramelised onion puree, pickled quandongs and macadamia nut crunch Roasted duck breast beside local figs and beetroot, pickled walnuts and native pepper berry jus Pan seared eye fillet with a selection of seasonal mushrooms, charred spring onions and red wine jus


Pineapple chiboust with mango and passionfruit puree, lemongrass espuma and crispy coconut cake Poached strawberries with fresh lychees, crème renversee, crispy crepe and elderflower ice cream Banana cake with banana marmalade, roasted banana and yoghurt ice cream with peanut mousse Chocolate cremeux, confit grapefruit, citrus granola and liquorice herb ice cream 11 Harry’s Lane, Buderim Phone: 5445 6661 [caption id="attachment_14781" align="aligncenter" width="870"] Stuart and Lisa Bell; Sharon and Neale Rivett[/caption] Cover image: Crispy skin barramundi]]>