The children aren’t breaking up

November 1, 2018

The children aren’t breaking up

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Your children are not divorcing your ex. They will be part of the other parent’s life forever, so make this work for everyone. 

Coming from a split family or being part of a blended family no longer carries the negative stigma it used to. With this acceptance, many other past dogmas, like the children  should remain with the mother have also gone. There are benefits for children having a meaningful relationship with both parents after divorce. By working amicably to achieve a Private Parenting Plan, which fits everyone’s schedule, life returns to a new normal quickly.  It will also save you a small fortune on unnecessary legal costs.

Arguing parents bring sadness, grief and fear to their family, what children want are happy parents, being together is optional. 

You do not need a solicitor for a Private Parenting Plan. What you do need to be is:

1. Realistic, around the days and times you have the children; does the schedule fit into your commitments?

2. Reliable, follow through, keep changes to a minimum.

3. Timely, pick up and drop offs must be on time.

4. Flexible, accommodate everyone, swap days or times.

5. informative, of incidents, accidents and change of circumstances. 

Children adapt faster than the adults, it helps when they can remain at their school, keep the same friends and are certain
they will see the other parent.  

We work with our clients on an interim plan during the break-up to provide routine and stability, at the same time working on a full Private Parenting Plan for the year ahead covering holidays, medical care, birthdays etc. We find once a plan is in place, a routine is quickly established and many of the petty grievances drop away. Our separation service will step you through your financial separation, divorce and parenting plan. Our clients live throughout Australia and Australians residing overseas. We offer a set fee price with no hidden costs, no extras, no ticking hourly rate on the clock. Every appointment, email, text and negotiation are included. We can work with you on your own, however, if you both work with us, the process time and cost can be minimised.  

What our clients are saying…

Amanda, Once we had the plan in place, communicating was easier. 

Chris, Our kids felt settled and happy in their new routine.

Kylie, I’m so grateful for the support and guidance you gave us. 

Mark, My ex was so awkward I never thought I’d see the kids, the plan was brilliant.

Jessica, It made handover easy, we didn’t argue anymore.

Jason, You made this an easy process.

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