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Actresses are a dime a dozen nowadays, so it’s rare to find one whose career persists throughout the years. Then again, not every actress is Essie Davis. The actress’ career stretches back to the nineties, but her recent projects highlight that she’s nowhere near finished exploring her field.

The woman of many masks

Davis is best known internationally for her role in The Babadook, where she played the lead as a single mother dealing with the presence of a monster from her child’s bedtime story. The film has since surpassed its 2014 release to become a certified cult classic, in a 2015 interview with the Guardian, Davis admits that she “went into depths with The Babadook,” a searing passion which accounts for the film’s fame.

After The Babadook, Davis went on to play the lead in the ABC drama Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries. This period piece transports Davis to the 1920s, where she plays a detective off to solve crimes amidst jazzy scenery. She then donned another mask to play Lady Crane in a show that’ll ring a bell to some—Game of Thrones.

Although her appearance was brief, Lady Crane symbolised the show’s reliance on strong female characters. The actress’ collective legacy has been so relevant to pop culture that it extended beyond the small screen and seems to have empowered women across the globe. Fans are still mourning the show’s ending, however, the show’s global reach is still expanding and it will be remembered as one of the greatest televisions shows of all-time. Even though it has ended, that hasn’t stopped HBO cashing in on GOT with a slew of high profile partnerships, with the brand crossing over to the gaming world.

Gaming platform Foxy Games have a number of pop culture-themed slots including a dedicated Game of Thrones 243 Ways title to appease fans waiting for the upcoming spin-off series. While no game is going to change the tragic ending, these games can offer the same thrill to fans and let them continue following the journey of the Stark siblings, Lady Crane, and other characters.

Rather than an actress who relies on her reputation to move a story along, Davis’ power relies on her ability to seamlessly shift in between roles. Her recent role as one of the ‘feral nuns’ in Lambs of God shows as much. The narrative through-line amongst these various roles is Davis’ insistence on portraying the innate strength of her characters. The women Davis plays aren’t the kind to sit down and let the world pass them by: they’re active participants in shaping their fate.

Davis off-screen

It’s a relief to know, therefore, that Davis in real life is just as confident as the characters she portrays. She’s eloquent when describing her characters, proving that the best actresses are those who get to know their characters on an intimate level. Davis also has a clear idea of what motivates her as an actress, telling Parade that even early on in her career, she set out with the goal to “never play the same character twice.”

Inhabiting a slew of roles can be physically and emotionally demanding, which is why Davis understands the importance of taking care of yourself. She tries to keep an organic and healthy diet whilst trying to get a bit of yoga in every day. These practices, she says, keep her grounded.

Despite Davis’ chameleon-like skills when it comes to hopping from one role to another, it’s still Davis’ own persona that captivates fans and draws them in. She’s one of the many strong women shaping our society, and we’re all the better for it.