The joy of life with Genine Howard

December 3, 2018

The joy of life with Genine Howard

For many, Genine Howard is a familiar face, having founded Profile Magazine back in 2008. Now back living on the Sunshine Coast after an almost five year hiatus, Genine has found her purpose, her passion and joie de vie (joy of life).

Whether it’s standing on stage inspiring hundreds of female entrepreneurs, hosting VIP intensive days in Paris or teaching a global online audience to build their business empires, there are not too many things Genine hasn’t done in the business world over the past few years.

Genine now heads up business and empowerment company Iconic Empires where she has been coach and mentor to hundreds of women both here and internationally.

With a business that reads like a boss babes vision board, Genine has worked consciously to create both a business and life that fills her with joy.

“After Jack was born, my husband, Rowan and I had what I would call an ‘awakening’ – an awakening to the possibility that we could literally create a life from our desires. We decided then and there to sell up our businesses (including Profile Magazine) and pursue our dreams.

“Rowan committed to being a working actor and film producer while I eventually found myself as a business and success coach for women.”

The small family made a swift move to Melbourne – the home of commercial TV opportunities – and quickly built their respective businesses. Rowan, to date, has featured on most Australian iconic TV shows including Offspring, Winners and Losers and Neighbours.

Genine, in true fashion, not only built a thriving multi six-figure coaching practice but started two more successful magazines all while giving birth to baby number two, Frankie Grace.

“It’s interesting because if you read on paper what I was achieving in my businesses all while having two young babies, you would be forgiven for thinking I was working like mad. It was actually
the opposite!”

It was during these baby years that Genine realised something astounding. The less hours she worked in her business, the more she earnt.

“It was like a revelation that kept unfolding. Quite literally, because I had two babies I found that when I worked I was extremely efficient. When I was mum, I was Mum. Keeping the two separate meant I never felt that ‘juggle’ many other mums experienced.”

And not only was Genine running multiple successful business empires part time she was able to fit in business travel to Paris, Italy, Los Angeles, Miami and Hawaii!

“I believe in investing in myself – it makes me a better business woman, mother and wife,” says Genine. “For me, taking time to travel as part of my business development was so important. It gave me clarity, forward momentum and sanity!”

Genine found herself with a global clientele of female entrepreneurs and even worked for one of the globe’s most successful female success coaches (until Genine realised she needed to be her own boss!). It has been a career that has given Genine the best of both worlds – a satisfying career, freedom to travel, freedom of choice and flexibility.

Genine Howard

Yet, as we know, alongside success highs are often the lows – or as Genine looks at it – the ‘learnings’.

“When I am speaking on stage or on a client clarity call they usually assume that it’s ‘easy for me’, that somehow my journey is easier than theirs,” she says.

“Nothing could be further from the truth.”

In fact, during a business development seminar in Paris, Genine realised her need to be ‘perfect’ was a block to her next level of success. So she had the words ‘joie de vie’ tattooed on her arm to remind her to always have joy – even when things weren’t perfect.

At one stage, Genine recalls spiralling down into what could be referred to as a ‘breakdown’. Though it didn’t last for long, it was another sign in her journey that there is always something better.

“I got to a point that I started feeling the weight of responsibility – responsibility for my kids, our mortgages, the bills, even my clients. I let it get on top of me,” she says.

“But here’s the interesting part. Once I became aware of what I was telling myself, I realised I had a choice to think different thoughts. So I decided to think about how this could be better. It was then I saw another quantum leap in both my business and personal life.”

An advocate for personal and spiritual development, Genine dove further into daily rituals of meditation, holistic health, and self education on energy healing and quantum physics. Being a trained scientist and teacher (yes, you heard that right), Genine’s natural curiosity and propensity for teaching saw her start to educate her clients in the philosophies she was embodying.

“I literally went on a mission to raise my own vibrational frequency. As my vibration increased, as did my health, my client numbers, my happiness levels and my bank account. People talk of manifesting, however once you change yourself at an energetic level you understand it’s more than manifestation. It’s a becoming.”

At this point Genine belly laughs, “If anyone heard me speaking like this a few years ago they would think me mad! What I love is that these days, these are the common conversations I am having with friends and even strangers in the supermarket!

“At the core of it, I have simply found joy in both my personal and my business life. And coming back here to the Sunshine Coast to raise our children has been incredible. It’s the perfect place to live a connected, healthy, joyful life.”

Genine can certainly now say she has found her joie de vie.


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