Profile: Where were you born? Denise: Melbourne, Victoria. Bruce: Adelaide, South Australia. Profile: What brought you to the Sunshine Coast? Bruce: We relocated from Melbourne in May 1994, seeking a more relaxed family lifestyle. We wanted to bring up our three young children in a place where people holidayed. Profile: What do you love most about the Sunshine Coast? Denise: Friendly people, great bushwalks and beaches. Fantastic weather in the winter months. Bruce: It is compact, friendly, with the opportunity to succeed if you are prepared to work hard. Of course the weather and beaches and hinterland countryside are its recognised strong suit. Profile: What are you currently reading? Denise: I don’t have much time to read but my last book was, Spot visits his grandparents (with our young grandson, Winston). Profile: What is the first you do in the morning? Denise: Read the paper then go for a 5km walk. Bruce: Coffee, check emails, diary, newspapers. Profile: What is your special talent? Denise: I am very trustworthy and loyal. I would do anything to assist my family and I am also very determined, if I have a plan I will make sure I stick to it until I achieve it. Bruce: Able to stay calm yet focused, being creative and looking beyond the obvious. Fighting for what I believe in, staying strong to the cause and never giving up. Profile: What is the quality you admire most in people? Denise: Someone who can delegate, get the job done on time without raising a sweat, that is a real talent. Bruce: Remembering people’s names and some people are naturally gifted public speakers. Profile: If you could have a superpower what would it be? Denise: Twitch my nose and magically appear in my next location, as travelling is very time consuming. Bruce: Go back in time.]]>