I grew up in… Burwood, Melbourne, which is a very boring, safe suburb. The most exciting thing to happen there in my childhood was the opening of a 7/11 – they gave away a bicycle, which I won, but they didn’t give it to me because they found out I stole all the entry tickets and was the only entrant in the raffle. If I could be better at anything it would be… self-control. I’m a chocoholic. I also can’t get enough of soft drinks. I can eat a chocolate cheesecake in one sitting. I’m probably going to die in the next couple of years. I need help. During my time in the jungle, the thing I struggled with most was… not having wifi (and a phone). I still haven’t gotten over my hatred for nature yet. I can’t look at a tree anymore without experiencing intensely negative emotions. My favourite past time in the jungle was… annoying Steve Price. Prodding him with annoying questions and hugs on an hourly basis brought me so much happiness. That’s my hidden talent – annoying conservative shock jocks. To be fair, he did hug me back at one point … or perhaps he was trying to suffocate me. I’ll take it as a hug. If I could repeat one moment of my life, it would be… meeting Dave Chappelle for the first time and touching his face. He’s my comedy idol and I love him with all my heart. All of it (sorry family and everyone else). The daggy thing I secretly love is… Love Song Dedications with Richard Mercer, and now with Osher. The quality I most admire in others is… generosity. Especially people who share chocolate with me. I am absolutely hopeless at… darts, ball games and physical activity. If I could have a superpower, I would… love to turn back time whenever I want so I can constantly edit my life and explore alternate versions of myself.]]>