I grew up … on the mean streets of San Anselmo, California. It was like a really rough part of town except for instead of gangs, there were trees and instead of crime we had lots of really nice cake. I’m very lucky is what I’m trying to say. For my first job, I … sold lemonade to passing cars. Tough work but it paid the bills. When I’m not working ... you mean for the other 23 hours a day? It would take a long time to list here, but I imagine it’s very similar to what other people do when they aren’t working – eat, sleep, make inventions with clay, scuba dive, and archery. My most annoying habit is … I don’t know if farting is a habit, or a way of life, but definitely it annoys the other people on the plane the most. If I couldn’t be a comedian, I would have been … a deep sea diver, because we’ve only explored about five per cent of the ocean’s depths, so there’s lots of work left in that profession. And gold! The people who inspire me most are … people who are successful and remain humble and kind to everyone around them. The best example I know of are the Flight of the Conchord boys. They are two of the most successful people I know, but also two of the best people I know. That inspires me a lot. My hidden talent is … still hidden from me, can you believe it! I’m close to figuring it out though. Any day now. I’m currently watching … Game of Thrones. If I could have a superpower … I’d love to be able to fly. Skipping the airport would let me sleep an extra two hours at least. Especially lately!

Arj hits The Events Centre in Caloundra on 22 September, for his Organic show.