I was born in… the morning. My favourite sport is… Gimme a break, I’m a sports journo! Despite being born in Brisbane, my first experience with organised sport was playing Aussie Rules as an eight-year-old in Victoria. I’m also a huge rugby league fan and am now lucky enough to work alongside The King Wally Lewis. If you asked me what sporting event I would want to attend, it’d be the Monaco F1 Grand Prix with all the trimmings. I look up to… older people – and those taller than 180cm. My first job was… as an ice cream shop worker at the “brand new” Kawana Shopping World (circa 1979). If I could meet anyone, alive or dead, it would be… Gough Whitlam. Love him or loathe him (and I am firmly in the camp of the former), he made a significant contribution to our society. I’m also intrigued by his polarising nature. My most embarrassing moment was… as a 17-year-old novice driver, rear-ending two other cars while waving to a girl (who became my wife). My hidden talent is… cooking. The cheaper the ingredients the more enthusiastic I get. I enjoy buying “specials” at the shops and basing a meal off that, rather than following a recipe. The highlight of my career was… I object to the past tense used in this sentence! But, 19.3 years at my previous job without being sacked was pretty impressive. Calling a season of Cowboys (NRL) matches and another season of Taipans (NBL) matches was a thrill. My next holiday will be to… Italy. My wife Gina has a long held dream of cruising the Amalfi Coastline in a 1960s Mercedes Benz convertible, a la Grace Kelly. Who am I to stand in her way? My favourite type of music is… from story tellers – think Paul Kelly, Bill Chambers, David Flower.]]>