The last word

November 1, 2016

The last word

Janine Allis is an adventurer at heart, travelling the world as a young Aussie backpacker in the ‘80s, working from a camp counselor in San Francisco to a stewardess of David Bowie’s yacht. In 1999, during another trip to the US, Janine witnessed the juice and smoothie category growing steadily and upon her return to Australia, studied the local retail sector and noticed a distinct lack of healthy fast food choices. In 2000, Boost was born from her kitchen bench and now operates in more countries than any other juice bar in the world. As a result, Janine has been recognised with numerous awards including Telstra Business Woman of the Year and BRW has named her as one of 15 people who have changed the way Australia does business in the last 35 years.

I grew up in … Knoxfield, in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne.

The first thing I do when I wake up is … cuddle my daughter who comes in for her morning cuddle at 6am.

If I could be better at anything it would be … everything. For me, life is about improving everything I do, from how I think, live and love.

I am at my happiest when … I am with my family.

When I am not working I am … with my family. Or doing yoga.

I wish I could … do Urdhva Dhanurasana (yoga pose) with my arms straight.

My biggest fashion blunder was … in the ‘80s – permed hair, not a good look.

Most people don’t know that I … am a Survivor nut, I love the show.

When I was growing up I wanted to be … an adventurer.

I couldn’t live without … my family and yoga.

My greatest achievement is … my family.

My most annoying habit is … repeating myself when I think it is an important point that I want people to know – which is very annoying for the other person!

I laugh out loud when … I saw Life of Mormon.

My hidden talent is … still to be discovered.

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