The vision:

  • a city heart in Maroochydore
  • fully approved and serviced land for commercial, retail, residential, civic, cultural and community uses
  • publically accessible waterways
  • rail-based public transport via CAMCOS and possibly future light rail
  • a multi-modal public transport system
  • a new road network to provide additional capacity to the existing road network within Maroochydore
  • interconnected public open space
  • a central Sunshine Coast location for regional arts and entertainment.
The PDA is around 60 hectares, covering Sunshine Coast Council-owned land including the Horton Park Golf Club site and State Government-owned land in Dalton Drive, Maroochydore.

SUBURB PROFILE Population: 4496 Predominant age group: 25-34 years Median price To buy a house: $537,500 To rent a house: $450 per week To buy a unit: $355,000 To rent a unit: $350 per week Household structure Childless couples: 35.4% Lone households: 20.4% Couples with children: 19.7% Single parents: 8.4% Group households: 8.2% Other: 7.8% Household occupancy Renting: 44.6% Owns outright: 31.6% Purchaser: 19% Other: 4.7% Information sourced from: and RP Data