The modern mum movement

June 1, 2018

The modern mum movement

Did you know there are 300,000 mumpreneurs nationwide? And it’s a demographic which is rapidly growing, as mums chase more flexibility in the workplace and reignite their vocational passion.

Mums come in a range of beautiful shapes and sizes – some take time off while their little ones navigate the first few months or years of life and then return to work; others choose to become stay-at-home mums; while others take the road less travelled and launch into the creation of their own business.

In putting this issue together, we’ve been introduced to some phenomenal women who are not only running successful businesses, but raising a loving family at the same time – and making it look easy (which they are all quick to let me know is not always the case!)

In writing this column, I came across the Mums & Co Australian Mums in Business Report, which cites a third of mumpreneurs actually started their businesses while on parental leave, one-in-10 started their businesses while pregnant, and of the mums who started their businesses this year, 60 per cent have an infant or toddler.

While the reasons for mums starting their own businesses varies (some saying they were unable to find suitable employment, their role at work changed or they were made redundant while on maternity leave); the benefits are universal – more flexibility and the ability to do something they are truly passionate about.

I guess that’s why four out of five mums believe they are a happier person having started their own business, they feel more fulfilled, have more purpose and are creating lives they are most proud of; both personally and in a career-sense. More power to you! 

• More mothers are turning to social media and networking groups, particularly those with other business mums to get the support they need. Three-in-four see the value of having a support group of other mums and three-in-five find networking groups extremely useful.
• The Aussie mum in business is most likely doing it on her own; most don’t have financial support from others, and over half (53%) are using their own savings or have taken a loan (15%) to fund the business.
• A majority have the support of a partner in looking after the kids (60%), while four-in-10 call on family members, and business mums also heavily rely on schools and childcare centres.

Who is the Australian mum in business?
• The average mum in business has two kids and is likely to be educated
• Half of all business mums are between 30 and 39 years old.
• One-in-10 are single parents
• Nearly a third are born overseas
• One-in-four have more than one business

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