The Word – Jimena Alejandra

June 27, 2018

The Word – Jimena Alejandra

Jimena Alejandra is a former lawyer turned jewellery designer. Born in Argentina and raised in Brisbane, Jimena moved to New York to pursue a career in law and it was while spending time in Manhattan and seeing scenes filmed for Gossip Girl, that she became inspired by the colourful fashion and accessories used on the set. This inspired the mother-of-two to create her own jewellery label, Jimena Alejandra.

My morning ritual is … I wake up around 5.30am and check and respond to urgent emails. I have breakfast with my boys and we may be eating while doing sight words or homework and then I see them off to school. Once they have left, I enjoy having a coffee and chat with my husband before he leaves. I do exercise once everyone has gone and then I sit down and work on my business. 

My favourite jewellery to wear are … earrings! I believe no outfit is complete without earrings. 

My favourite country is … Argentina, my country of birth but particularly the city of Buenos Aires. It is a country alight with culture – from sultry sexy tango being danced in the street to world famous theatre venues like the Teatro Col’on. In some areas the streets look like Paris and people are dressed very well (even to walk their dogs), which is why it is often named the ‘Paris of South America’. 

Luxury is … anything that accentuates my personality or gives me joy. It could be unique gemstone jewellery, a colourful handbag that stands out or interiors that are custom made around the life you lead (in my case my home is full of colour and pieces from around the world that I’ve collected). It can also be non-material experiences like enjoying a holiday without being near a phone or computer, or sleeping in!

The most luxurious item I own … is my Aston Martin DB9. It is the most luxurious and most selfish item I own. I love driving around in it to see girlfriends or to pamper myself at the hair salon or to go shopping. 

Staying in or going out? I love both. I enjoying dressing up and going out for a lovely lunch or dinner with my husband, Nick, or friends, but at the same time I love the nights we stay in lounging around in front of the fire watching movies with the kids and ordering take-out.

My hidden talent is … I’m amazing at puzzles. I’m hooked on Ravensburger and may I say I’m pretty fast too!

My favourite thing to do on weekends is … on Saturdays I love seeing my boys playing sport and seeing friends for lunch or dinner. On Sundays I love being at home with the family. We watch movies, do puzzles (hence why I found out my hidden talent) and sleeping!

My style icon … has always been Olivia Palermo. She is so feminine and classic for every occasion – even when she walks her little Maltese dog. I am obsessed!

My biggest indulgence is … European summer holidays to Italy or the south of France, just my husband and I. 

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