Books don;t give you answers. In fact, they should give you the questions! Think MoneyI am a huge advocate for reading books. For the past two years, I have set a goal to read 52 books a year. Even if I don’t hit the goal, it still means I have read a huge number of books. Reading excites and motivates me to ask more questions and seek more answers. The important thing to understand when reading books is – you don’t get the whole answer. That is quite obvious. If you did, there would be no need for schools, universities, TAFE colleges or apprenticeships. Why? Simply because a book doesn’t answer questions, a book can’t point out the thousands of variables that affect every solution. READ MORE HERE

Think Money

The Road Less Travelled

It’s amazing how different our lives can be based on the decisions we make. In particular, decisions made by those who have accumulated wealth to those who have not. When you read about highly successful, self-made millionaires who grace television screens and headlines, more often than not there are stories of major failures and often complete financial ruin in their backgrounds. And yet, we hear of them again and again. READ MORE


Meet several of our clients as they reveal their Think Money journey and proudly show off their property portfolios! If you would like to read more, give us a call and request one of our client testimonial brochures or come to an event and make an appointment with one of our Wealth Coaches to find out how you can start your journey to wealth through property. Think Money“We cannot even begin to express our appreciation, encouragement and ongoing support to help us reach our dream of a wealthy retirement. Without the team’s dedication and enthusiasm in making our lives richer (both financially and spiritually), we would still be stuck in a rut, talking about a dream, but not having the knowledge or ‘guts’ to make it happen. We are forever grateful for your commitment to helping us and still have to pinch ourselves to realise that we now have five properties under our belt to realise that we now have five properties.” Nicky & Tony “I’m proud to have been working with the Think Money team for a number of years and in that time I’ve been watching closely what they do. Often when things seem too good to be true, they are. But the fact is that Think Money is as good as they say. I am very critical of businesses, as I run my own, I have been looking for the cracks in Think Money but I haven’t found any. I’m in the process of buying another investment property and I’m really excited about it. They have made it so easy for me even though I’m one of the busiest people I know. Everything Think Money has said they could do, they can do. They have helped me with budgeting, educating me about money and increasing my property portfolio. What they offer is so innovative and I truly believe that everyone would benefit from attending their seminars and programs. And to have accumulated a total of eight properties in my portfolio so far is absolutely fabulous.” Pippa Colman
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