Position Not all homes are located in the absolute perfect position so we need to capitalise on what we have. Depending on your target buyers, for instance, it may be in a city location, so people want to live in the city for easy access to work, shops, cafes, transport etc. Suburban location may mean land size, house size, close to schools or sporting facilities. The retiree market may mean they need smaller land size and house size but be close to medical facilities and shops. Added to this will be the street scape and neighbouring properties. In saying all this, you need to make your property stand out from the rest, and market to the potential buyers for your particular location. Tips on how to prepare a property for sale Presentation One of the most vital parts of property selling is presentation. How you present your property for sale to meet the targeted potential buyers is essential. This can have such a bearing on the speed of the sale and in achieving the right price. Buying, other than investment, is all about emotion. A potential buyer will form an emotional connection with a property within the first few minutes – 92 per cent of buyers research online or gravitate to a visual photo, so digital and print media is extremely important. How you present a property, especially to suit photography, is one of the biggest marketing tools you have available. Your property needs to connect with the potential buyers immediately. Tips on how to prepare a property for sale Potential Potential is all about how much value the prospective buyer will see in your property. Will this property increase in value over time? It may have to do with development and infrastructure in the area. It could be the least appealing house in the street. Doing renovations or adding onto the existing property may increase the potential. Highlighting the key points of the property potential to the buyers is a must. Profit Selling is all about profit and at the end of the process this is what counts. Doing everything you can to achieve the best dollar results needs to be applied to your marketing process.]]>