‘Tis the season to for cocktail attire

November 30, 2018

‘Tis the season to for cocktail attire

December is officially the month for parties and with everyone going crazy with their cameras, it simply won’t do to have you looking less than fabulous! So let’s look at one of the most popular dress codes for the festive season. ‘Tis the season to for cocktail attire.

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There are many definitions and expectations for cocktail dress codes which all depend on the time of day, your host and the occasion. However, like the cocktail of the sipping variety, it’s all in the ingredients and how you shake it up! For this dress code there are four main ingredients…the dress, the bag, the shoes and you!


When it comes to choosing the perfect dress, the expectation for cocktail attire is that it falls to the knee- just below or above is fine. If you prefer a pretty little party dress, a mini-dress is almost always perfectly acceptable for cocktail parties, but if you have any doubts…you can’t go wrong with a midi-dress.

If you do opt for a mini-dress remember the ‘less is more’ rule and I mean LESS skin, MORE fabric. So if you are letting your killer legs out, be a little more reserved in other areas, this is not the time to show you’re daring in the baring department!

Tailored pants, jumpsuits and flowing skirts are also very much cocktail attire, just steer clear of jeans, skin tight pants or t-shirts. Blouses are always beautiful and will suit any soiree. However, floor length gowns will have you looking overdressed, so save them for a more formal occasion.


Be unpredictable with your styling, take a more unique approach especially when it comes to accessories. In most instances it’s better to keep your jewellery quite simple and elegant. However, if your dress is understated then by all means ramp it up in the accessories department!

Your cocktail bag should be a smaller clutch style rather than a handbag. I say this because handbags can be bulky and will make your outfit seem heavy. Why not try going hands free and be seen in one of this season’s hottest trends; a belt bag?

Stilettos, wedges or pumps are all acceptable footwear. If you happen to be attending a cocktail beach party, then I imagine a classy pair of sandals would be the shoe of choice.

jump suit

The Most Important Ingredient…YOU!

Be playful, be bold, be romantic, be you. With your style make it personal and create your own fashion moment, don’t miss the opportunity to dress up and remember to make your style memorable.

Often it’s the little things that create a talking piece, your favourite clutch handed down from nanna or a special piece from a local designer, second hand store or market and nothing mixes things up like an accessory swap with your girlfriends. Who knows where your creativity will take you!

Start with the basics and then style your look to say a little something about you and remember, whilst it’s important to project your personal style through your wardrobe, it’s just as important and respectful to your host to understand and adhere to the dress code. If you’re unsure ask your host for clarity, after all, it’s better to stand out than turn up underdressed.

Time to kick up your heels lovelies xx

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